Mario Crane v2.0

published Jan 11, 2015 | | |
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Derived from
Mario Crane 4 6 6
Inspiration for
Morgan 7+8+9 Gadgets 0 1 2
Force Feeding 4 4 3

mplain 1642

Modified as per db0's suggestions to have stronger economy.

6s - x10, 8s - x14, Straight Flush

♦ Four more deeds (mostly saloons for Clementine Lepp to hide in).

One Good Turn instead of Hot Lead Flyin' - HLF is really only useful when I have two of them, otherwise it just saves me 2 gr, and it's a dead card early on, while OGT is always a welcome sight.

Mechanical Horse for late game and for Lane Healey (might still want to play 1x Horse Wranglin', but I don't really miss it so far).

Travis Moone is gone but I'm actually okay without him. The biggest problem his absence presents to me is that now it's really hard to play Kidnappin' before I get a Holy Wheel Gun.

Draw structure is a bit weaker now, in favor of better economy. If you have the money, you don't really care about your draws much, but early on Kidnappin' + Coachwhip pose a lot of problems.