Morgan 7+8+9 Gadgets

published Jan 11, 2015 | | |
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Derived from
Mario Crane v2.0 2 4 0
Inspiration for
Morgan 7+8+9 Ghetty 1 1 0

mplain 1642

A variant of the Mario Crane deck starting Lane Healey.

7s - x12, 8s - x13, 9s - x8, Straight Flush

Travis Moone is back to get me some early horses, and to burn things down with a Flame-Thrower.

Flame-Throwers replaced 2x Force Field because I don't depend on them as much now. Although 5 cards in the deck might fail the pull, so preferrably use Morgan Research Institute before trying to invent it.

Pinto and Auto-Revolver replaced the Holy Wheel Gun because Lane needs them horses. So the focus of draw structure shifts from 6s to 7s.

Horse Wranglin' instead of One Good Turn because, well, horses.

Mario Crane is still in the deck to wreak some late game chaos, but now you're somewhat less vulnerable to early attacks.

Jan 16, 2015 makkam101

Great deck! I was previously starting with James Ghetty which was a bit expensive and Jon Longstride who was a bit pointless so I was glad to have these two pointed out to me. I didn't have Double Dealing so I put in some non gadget weapons like Pair of Six-Shooters and Quickdraw Handgun and also some more horses. Also I added Clint Ramsey instead of Mario Crane which I know is not nearly as good as him if anyone has any better suggestions I'd love to hear them. Overall I thought this was a great deck but you might want to consider something like Pony Express 1st Baptist Church or Lady Luck to keep the cards flowing. I have put my version of this up for any one who is only using NTNR and would like to see it.

Jan 16, 2015 mplain

If you want a more gadget-less approach to starting Lane, here's my standard Cavalry deck.

Card cycling is nice, true, so Pony Express might be a good idea.