Den of Hucksters

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Zeetoois 116

I've had moderate success with this deck, going 3-1 so far, losing only to LD Miracles (Lay On Hands kept his guys alive, and he eventually won with 7 ctrl to my 6 influence after about an hour and a half of play).

This deck is great in shootouts, since it's got a ton of action cards. Those action cards can be used to build straight-flushes (3-7 or 4-8), but have 7's and 8's in other suits as backup--and don't be afraid to cheat, what with the Devil's Jokers, The Den, and Barton.

Putting a Monte Bank on Maria can help get her bounty up so she won't fail spells while in a shootout. Or you can always put it on Gina or Travis and leave them at home to soak up bounty from the Den while providing some income if your economy is slow or lowball is in issue (though this deck actually does pretty well at lowball). Just watch out for Kidnappin' if that's what you choose to do!.

Anyway, I go back and forth between 2 copies of Fetch and 2 Monte Banks--I can't decide what I like more. As always, thoughts, comments, and suggestions are appreciated.

Nov 07, 2015 Zeetoois

Oh, and in case anyone forgets, it's actually 4 starting GR with the Den.

Nov 07, 2015 tbowers13

I think I'd cut the Stoker's Saber for another Fetch or Monte Bank. You only have 5 spells in the deck so the saber won't do much and unbooting a Fetch or Ace in the Hole isn't going to help you very often.

Nov 08, 2015 Zeetoois

I like having a copy of the Sabre for some extra bullets to toss around. And in the off chance that Marion 2 hits the field, the Sabre turns him into a raging 5-Stud. Rare, I know, but even having access to a second use of Fetch to save my butt in shootouts and/or scare my opponent away from cheatin' is good by me. I may end up removing it, but I'll let it slide for now.