Doris Day (.... one victory)

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VinceTurner 226

Funny the things you try out in the run up to a Marshall. Such as 'just how control points can I get on day one consistently using Doris Powell'. Apparently the answer is five. If I could get it to six I might consider giving it a go!

Anyway it's fairly simple in operation. Use Butch to try and get a Tse-Che-Nakos + deed. Move Sarah to Lot Commission, drop Tse-Che-Nako. Place deed other side of Commission.

You are now probably set up to use Doris to move three times with home to Commision, Commision to next door with totem, back to commission with home/deed you placed/commission ability. You then have 3 points on Doris, 1 on Sarah and one on the building you built.

If only you could sneak another one in somewhere you might take the win versus most decks. Given that turn one they'd have to pick a fight versus a 3 stud Sarah with Mariel as backup stud and almost certainly sending their shooter home.

Jun 28, 2017 jordan caldwell
Jun 29, 2017 VinceTurner

I looked at it, but wondered about who you'd put forward Butch if he isn't booted is the obvious choice as he's the dispendable asset.

Other than that though you can't put Doris forward as it neuters her ability, and if you put Sarah or Mariel forward after you've finished your Doris manouvering then you're potentially leaving her open to attack.

I guess you could finish all your Doris manouvers, leave her at a totemed location. That leaves Sarah free to run the job, assuming she can jump to the defence using her ability - but if the job's contested she's stuck as a 3 draw.

I'd be happier with the A value that targets a location - if it weren't for the fact that stuffs up your Totem pulls

Jul 05, 2017 crx3800

Are you using the ability on Gomorra Lot Commission more than one to do this? Tse-Che-Nako's Weaving only unboots the deed. It doesnt let you use it a second/third time.

Jul 05, 2017 crx3800

Nvm. I misread how you did it.