Knoxville Epitaph Winner

published Jul 31, 2017 | | |
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The Knoxville Epitaph only had few players unfortunately. This was an idea I had at first during some test games and I hoped this modified version would be enough, and it was. I won't claim some great journey or that this is some great build, but there is potential as a solid base to work from here.

We played round robin. My two opponents faced off first. Jacob won against Chris P in the first round to put 4R in the lead. I took on Jacob for my first game. I was able to build up some influence and win a solid shootout to finish the day.

My second game was against Chris' Regulators. Regulators was honestly the reason I chose to run Unprepared and Jael's Guile. With wanted tech and booting the right dudes with Unprepared, you could set up some shootouts where your opponent simply can't afford to cheat without risking the loss of their best dude. Another shootout settled this one.

I really don't think the deck won on its own merits. There were some seriously imbalanced shootout hands. I got 4oak and 5oak legal frequently from 7-8 cards.

The main idea is to grab confessions to get the bounty cycle going.

Inbody can stand dudes back up in a pickle.

Confession can steal bounty to keep Law Dogs making some decent cash or drop some bounty and follow it up quickly with an Old Fashioned Hangin.'

Tlalocs easily help Tolarios drop 4 or more bounty with one confession.

Tolarios should be used often to grab anything on his list, Guile, Confession, Amazing Grace, etc.

If you're running against a possible control or landslide, grab Amazing Grace to build up your influence quickly. If you're running against any aggression, grab Guile of Tlalocs to oppose an early Job. If you have the choice, grab out of value cards first to build a solid Qx15 and 8x16 structure.

If I could change it up, I might add some Lay on Hands to try to survive some brutal shootouts. I would also be willing to add Tommy Harden to the starting posse instead of Phil or Jake. Just to have another Stud starting the game that can get a quick bonus from Tlalocs.

Jul 31, 2017 Harlath

Congratulations! Maybe once There Comes a Reckoning is out Stewart Davidson could help you find room for Tommy Harden by squeezing out Andrew Burton and tweaking another starting dude? I'm looking forward to the options he opens up to Law Dogs players who are tired of using the original home.

Aug 06, 2017 crx3800

Stewart should open up nearly every LD build that was afraid to exist without reliable bounty addition. Justice in Exile might actually be better for this build when he comes out. Guile plus Justice? Yes please.