Red Justice

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LordManHammer 447

Winner of The Copenhagen Quickdraw Competition II, 2017.

Went 3-1 Round Robin.

Well, this deck...

First of all, it was inspired by this excellent deck by @kollatt:

Changed starting posse and structure a bit dropping the 3's and 4's in clubs to tighten' up the structure a bit and include a few other actions as well as Dogs Duster and Jokers Smile. Dropped kidnapping as well for Coming Up roses and pinned down (to choose casualties/hit big studs hard). Lastly I threw in a bit more influence with Wendy's Teethkickers and the dusters and some Quickdraw Handguns to stock up on the cheatin' punishment I was missing from Coachwhip.

To give a perspective on the choices they were made to give a little bit of an edge in the mid-game influencewise, mostly costing some of the early agression from the kidnappings and some shootout actions but (perhaps) strengthening the possibility of drawing a SF.

Would consider bringing Hattie for the mirrormatch - which was the match I lost ;)

So, going into the Copenhagen Quickdraw Contest I wanted a fast deck. This delivers on that account! The action is on from day one - sometimes even from the first Action.

I had some great and fun games against my opponents, but I do have a regret bringing this deck to the tournament:

My last match was against Thomas, who hadn't played for 7 months. He put up a good fight and since I wasnt able to stifle his economy, due to a turn 1 Jackson Strike that I didnt feel like camping influence on, he was able to continously stay in the fight by buying influence dudes and discarding upkeep dudes with bounty on them. Even with all that he was every turn hammered down by a relentless Sheriff Department and was left with no answers against this deck - giving what I would only imagine as a long and drawn out negative play experience.

So, great competitive deck - but I would hesitate to play this against anyone new to Doomtown.

Oct 16, 2017 Harlath

Congratulations! I'll confess I'm unsure why something like this why be such a negative play experience: you're interacting with your opponent (Albeit down a barrel of a gun ) and the straight flush + 2x 16 structure means that you've got a chance at a straight flush but also a risk of drawing a weak hand and being outshot by a three value deck? That seems a reasonable trade-off to me.

Also a slight concern with how Justice in Exile copes against slide/spell control (or even against Henry Moran) - they're unlucky to cheat, limiting the opportunities to trigger Bounty Hunter, Dog's Duster and Ol' Fashioned Hangin'. These are the matches that forced callouts/jobs are most needed, but the ones where this home helps least.

Congratulations again and thanks for the report. :)

Oct 18, 2017 Doowa

I’d agree that Stewart Davidson is more reliable with Justice, cause Thunderboy really needs the bounty.

As with the structure, my experience is that with 2x16 you can reliably hit a house/4oK with a few stud. And with Thunderboy, Manhammer was showing straight flushes every 3rd or 4th hand. In my game Thunderboy was 7 stud with his ability... take that gadget bullet decks, lol.

Oct 18, 2017 Nobuyoki

Honestly, winning against someone when you lose one dude per turn is not such a bad experience from my part. He chose to do that knowing that it was a better choice than trying to fight you in your terms. This deck is a way better and interactive version of the good old judge decks with T1 job.

Oct 30, 2017 LordManHammer

@Harlath and @Nobuyoki Well - the counterpoint from my opponents seat was that the pressure was on him from turn 1 with 1-2 jobs/shootouts per turn. He felt that starting with a hand that didnt have the shootout actions to punish me from turn 1 and not having a 3X16 (which is a very rare build here) deck lost him the game.

In other words - he felt the game was decided by his opening playhand.

The comparison to the judge deck is apt. I agree it might be a bit more fun - but the pressure on the opponent is the about the same, difference is that with this home you can keep the pressure up all through the game.

Oct 30, 2017 Harlath

Thanks ``@LordManHammer`! This is helpful in understanding the challenges faced going up against a particular deck, as is knowing what types of decks are popular in the local meta ( thanks for the comment on the absence of 3x16).