Bootlickin' Banksters and the Big Argy-Bargy

published Mar 11, 2018 | | |

jordan caldwell 369

A continuation of my exploration of what is possible with the Protection Racket and Raven "Saloon Switch-hitter" playstyle. This deck went 2-0 and won a three-person "tournament" over here in Berkeley, red tapin' a mean lien against Tom's Super Mario Stoner and Stefan's Mechanical Regulator Cavalry.

Like other Saloon Switch-hitters, the deck would prefer to use Clementine Lepp to safely use the home ability to generate cash on deeds such as The Joker's Smile, Charlie's Place, Pearly's Palace, and the Explorer's Lodge; or switching up, using Angela Payne and a conference call of other bandits to mortgage the deeds of your enemies, liquidating their hard-earned wages into company profit. Either way you hit, what I find really differentiates these types of decks is what you plan to do with the slush fund of capital you can hedge from either/both of these financial strategies. This deck's plan is to simply purchase shootouts (Cheatin' Varmint).

You can use the complement of actions and goods in the game to stall your opponent (Pistol Whip) while you devise your business plan (Baijiu Jar) until the conditions are ripe for exploitation: wait until they have the inability to assemble a decent hand rank and storm the board with your boot-bound brokers - indeed, the Inner Struggle is real!

This deck is fun, recommended for charging interest on casual play, or blockbustering through your friendly-neighborhood OP Kit tournament.