Longest Con Newcastle

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caelreth 121

Report for Newcastle 30/07/2017

(I found this old report half-done on my computer. I have attempted to fill in the gaps from memory, but if I've stated something wrong, I apologise)

Mostly the same as (Long Con). Same goals: throw out Fiddle Game, get Putting The Pieces Together out, target dudes with Forced Quarantine don't cheat. Should be okay, as long as I don't end up against...

  1. Graham Law Dogs Law Dogs

Well darn.

Game went pretty much the same as the previous times I played against this deck, with aggressive play preventing my deck from fully setting up, and my dudes all being reduced to 0-bullets. Loss. 0-1

  1. Dave Hogg 4th Ring The Sanatorium

Well, after two and a bit tournaments of consistently not cheating, my deck decided to utterly fail in that regard in this game. I lost all my Fiddle Games multiple times in this game. Not even Henry Moran could save them. It's possible I forgot to shuffle my deck after the last game. Whoops. This loss of income meant that I overstretched myself: I sent Tyx out to reclaim an out-of-town deed, with a view to using my home's ability on that dude, then Quarrantining them. I got called out, which I hadn't expected as his dude was a 1-draw (I think?) and I was a 2-stud. Alas, I had forgotten about a deed that he had that could send in another dude to the shootout, meaning my guy was suddenly outnumbered, and lost the shootout. With that, I didn't have enough income to afford enough influence any more. Loss again. 0-2

  1. Chris 4th Ring Oddities of Nature

Having THOROUGHLY shuffled my deck this time, it was behaving itself again, which meant no Soul Cage abomination recursion shennanigans. Eventually we ended up in a huge shootout, and I was able to whittle down his dudes until he had little influence left, and he couldn't stop my dudes sitting on his deeds. A win. 1-2

  1. Zac 4th Ring The Fourth Ring

I was put on the back foot early in this game, as he got two control points out, and two Blood Curses, meaning I had to start attacking much earlier than I would have liked. Fortunately, I was able to Quarrantine the huckster with the blood curses, taking the pressure off somewhat, and allowing me to go back to building up my conditions. Win. 2-2

Thoughts: no horse decks this time. Maybe I just got (un)lucky?

Ended 11th out of 16. I was a little disappointed with this, especially as I made such a rookie mistake in game 2( not that I would have necessarily won, mind- it was @doomdog after all, someone who I've never beaten)

Thanks to Chris (opponent 3) for running this!