Faith and fury (York Abomination Series 2nd place)

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Faith and fury 2 (H'pool hunting grounds series 2nd place) 2 0 3

caelreth 91

Tolarios toolbox! Figure out what your opponent's deck is up to, and use Father Tolarios to find the appropriate solution. Once you are ready for shoot-outs in the town square, keep spamming Sentinel to rack up control points.

Went 2-1 at the York Abomination series event.

Having played this deck, I think that the concept is solid, but it still needs some tweaks. In particular, Ezekiah Grimme ended up mostly just costing me, as between Tolarios and me just drawing spells the old fashioned way, I didn't really need him. Also, I need to rethink the deck structure, so it's doesn't get destroyed by all the deck-searching. (Queens in particular) Also, a bit more economy, lose the Tlaloc's Furies, Henry Moran (he didn't really end up helping) and Lay On Hands (never got it to work right, also reduces the number of cards that fail pulls)

Was pleasantly surprised to find out that Shield of Faith not only stops Legendary Holster, Shotgun and Soul Blast, but also Coachwhip! and Ricochet!

Dec 06, 2018 Harlath

Agree on Ezekiah Grimme - he's far less necessary with Father Tolarios, as you point out Tolarios gives you enough ways to dig for spells.

I like to run off 5 and just keep cycling Sentinel for CP, which also keeps it in your deck structure.

Bravo and Glad you had fun! :)