Sloane's "Slucky" Saloons

published Apr 13, 2019 | | |
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jordan caldwell 369

For @broudebush. (Can you say that three times fast?!).

I kept Allie Hensman out of The Sloane Gang with a "Sluckster" theme (including some backup hucksters) and stayed true to the 8's and 10's theme, even if a few K's made it to the cut. Trimmed the structure to be beastly in a shootout, added Jacqueline Isham as a cheap stud for the inevitable callout, and a compliment of strong and annoying Cheatin' Resolutions. Importantly, all cards in the deck make the pulls for Shadow Walk and Sight Beyond Sight where Paralysis Mark can be played by probability and situation. Foreboding Glance compliments the spells to round out a side-theme of the "control" play-style.

Hope this helps. Cheers!

May 10, 2019 broudebush

Any advice on playing against Lawdogs, seems the cheating always gets me. The lawdogs deck is very aggressive?

May 13, 2019 jordan caldwell

Good question.

In a deck stacked like this ("16/15/10") this is perhaps a strategic question. Generally, if your poker affords you the information of between 7-10 cards, you can generally play a Full House (Rank 7) and occasionally better.

General advice is to stick your stud dudes near your draw dudes so as to make this 7-10 poker cards possible. Specifically, this deck likes to "camp" the Townsquare, so be very careful to venture further than adjacent locations or boot out your dudes as possible?