Morgan Co. Gadgets - 9th Place Gencon 2019

published Aug 08, 2019 | | |
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Crescens 24

I went 3-2 at Gencon 2019. My two losses were to Lawdogs aggro, one going to time and he won not because he had more Control plus Influence, but because he had more Control Points than me. The other Lawdog loss was to Knabbe himself when he laid a hand full of action cards on me in a shootout and swept my big Dudes off the table.

There are two axii of victory in this deck. One is to make big ol' Dudes and kill/control the board, and the other is to landslide into victory.

At the start of the game, use Travis Moone to make sure you have something to invent. Optimal hands would have a Yagn's Mechanical Skeleton + a weapon. Having a Deed or two is pretty important as well.

Use Diego Linares to invent and almost always use the Morgan Gadgetorium on your first inventing. With the Flame-Thrower as the exception (or the Devil's Six gun if you pull a Hydro-Puncher) you can't fail, even with the +2 difficulty. Invent and then trade whatever you invented to Jen to get her started.

It is imperative to build deeds and get money going. You will need a lot of ghost rock to get in full swing. Lay down deeds, bully the opponent with dudes who have a few gadgets on them, punish them hard with Ricochet and Devil's Six Gun. The optimal combat hand, in my experience, is two A Slight Modification and a Ricochet. No one expects the second A Slight Modification.

A neat combo for making money is with the General Store. When you invent, use it to reduce the cost. If the cost is zero, Morgan Gadgetorium makes you 1 ghost rock. If you are wondering why Cliff's #4 Saloon is in there, to be pseudo-slide, you need deeds and that one helps some of your dudes in early bouts.