Scattered Reports of Mysterious Disappearances (PO6 '20, R3)

published Jan 02, 2021 | | |
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jordan caldwell 369

This deck is trying to do too much, and doesn't "work" yet. On the one hand, it wants to use movement hexes like Gateway and Shadow Walk to position for Point Blank, but in practice I find this really difficult. On the other hand, there are control elements like Puppet and Nicodemus Whateley that seems to function like a parallel track. What does work well is using Mayfair Family Deck to generate cashflow and shut down opposing deeds to get out of check. Curious to see how this deck can evolve.

Jan 02, 2021 jordan caldwell

Potential changes W2DW: Lew Esquilin for sure as a starter, and that New Varney Nosferatu looks pretty nasty for an off-value Abomination, and The Angler. Maybe Masonic Augment could find a home here? The vibe for Cheyenne Club looks on point too!

Another idea could be to build around Mark of War combined with the ever-versatile Foreboding Glance?

I think overall the starting posse could use some changing either way...