Dude • Draw 0 • Influence 0 • Cost 2 • Upkeep 0

Silas's bullets are equal to his bounty.

"My brother might not care about the enemies he makes. That's because I do it for him."
Outlaws • James Starr King • Base Set #43
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Silas at first glance is not that spectacular dude from The Sloane Gang. He has 0 starting bullets and influence making him an absolute mook to begin with. Travis Moone is the same price but starts with 2 bullets and gives you the flexibility of a start of game mulligan. So what does Silas have going for him?


  • Dirt cheap. Quantity is it's own quality they say! Would you turn down another warm body to make callouts, pistol whip, or absorb casualties for you for only 2 GR?
  • High Value. Silas' high card value means he is immune to being aced by the popular Shotgun and highly resistant to Soul Blast.
  • High Potential Silas can, with time and attention to his trait, become one of the scariest shooters in the game.


  • Law Dogs. Silas is one of those rare dudes who at the moment probably works better in other outfits outside of his native Sloane gang. The main thing holding back the potential of his trait is his ability to make himself wanted. The combination of his 0 influence and the Law Dog's home ability allows him to gain 1 permanent bullet each and every turn by booting a cheap 1 influence dude like Philip Swinford or Clementine Lepp. This is in addition to any other illegal activity he commits!
  • B&B Attorneys. After you establish the initial bounty with the Law Dog's special home ability or other illegal actions, you can now stack even more bounties on Silas with this deed!
  • This is a Holdup!. There's no faster way to stack bounties on Silas than with this card if you can get him unbooted to an opponent's 3 GR production deed.
  • Kidnappin'/Ambush. An excellent way to project Silas' power once you've built him up a decent amount. In addition it will likely add to his bounty and his power later on!
  • Pearl-handled Revolver. With a lucky draw of the aforementioned cards above and this fancy pistol, Silas can easily become a 5-stud shooter within the first day! He has no influence to control enemy deeds to shop from so be sure to equip it before he goes out to make a name for himself.
  • Shotgun. If you can get Silas to 7 bounty and give him one of these he simply erases the vast majority of dudes before the shootout even starts.
  • Pinto. If you can't get Silas into fights then he's not good to you. This is the most reliable way to project Silas' power once you've built him up. Suddenly a 5 stud shooter could appear anywhere!