Gunshy Law Dogs - Multiplayer Deck

published Jan 29, 2016 | | |
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kirsty 31

I built this for a multiplayer tournament. The plan was to stay at home, keep out of trouble and build deeds that would make money while the other players had a fight. Then I'd be able to buy plenty of dudes and head towards a straight flush in the inevitable end of game gunfight.

And the plan worked pretty well in a six player tournament; I ended up in second place. I was expecting plenty of lowball cheating at least and was rather caught out by the other five players all turning up legal lowball hands on day 1! I did get to play two Good Turns early on which got my business empire - Flint's and the Pawnshop - up and running and they brought in a reliable income all game. Tommy, Gang Yi and Angela all came into play.

We play multiplayer with elimination rules where if you find yourself with less influence than any other player's control at the end of a day you go out. Two players went down, then a third. With three of us left standing I let the other two slug it out and then there were just two of us left with me holding a Jail worth four control points.

At that point George had a movable posse with so much stud that he was all but guaranteed a Dead Man's Hand and my dudes were spread out across four deeds that I couldn't protect from him. I was sitting on about 25 ghost rock and would have liked some kind of "pay to win" mechanism at that point, but really I was quite pleased with second place.

Oh yes, and I'd better comment on using Auction! I used it partly because I wanted a 3 of Clubs that I could easily cycle without a shootout and also just because it amused me to try and get the game's most renowned coaster into play - I failed to actually use it though sorry!