Wendy Hangin', 3rd Edinburgh Sheriff July 2015

published Jan 30, 2016 | | |
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Harlath 751

This is (at worst roughly, and hopefully exactly) the Law Dogs deck I played in July 2015's Edinburgh sheriff event.

It came in third, doing well against various shootout decks (defeating several in Swiss thanks to the power of Wendy, wearing people down with Bounty Hunters/Hangings and the consistent anti-cheating deterrent from Tommy) but coming unstuck against the player who would finish first (4th Ring control, loss in swiss) and 2nd (Morgan Deedslide, came in 2nd).

Very strong shootout structure, taking advantage of the fact Ol' Fashioned Hangin' doesn't boot the leader. It's great for picking off isolated dudes, and if your opponent defends the job it's often worth using Wendy to send the job's target home - then you can hopefully kill the target via the job and your opponent's other dudes via the shootout.

With the increase in strong cheatin' strategies like Den of Thieves and Devil's Joker (Red) I'd be tempted to add in a Quickdraw Handgun to replace one copy of The Evidence. Another Edinburgh player took a similar deck (with his own unique spin on it, improving it) to the knockout rounds in London, before falling to the winner after a few rough shootout hands! Better dudes on 5 (still awaited!) and a few of the deeds that have subsequently been released on 6 and 8 seem obvious additions: Cooke's Nightcap and Flint's Amusements leap out.

Perhaps of limited interest given how far the meta has moved on, but I know some people like to do statistical analysis of what was popular in tournament decks.