#TeamLula 2.0

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DoomDog 931

It's been a while since I revisited some of my old decks, and with Ghost Town bringing us a new version of Lula I figured I'd see what I could throw together with the current cardpool. This is pure theorycrafting at this point, I'm sure there are plenty of things that could be done to make this better :)

Starting Miss Morgan is incredibly risky, so while this should play more like a dudes & deeds/slide deck I've gone for a fairly tight structure that has a chance at fending off some early aggro. I've got a few different ways to take advantage of Lula's boost to ghost rock generating Noon abilities. Buried Treasure and Reserves are fairly straightforward. Angela Payne and The Joker's Smile both have Noon abilities that can get you ghost rock. Walters Creek Distillery is another one that lets you boot a casino to gain ghost rock, and I've got The Joker's Smile, Flint's Amusements, Killer Bunnies Casino and The Union Casino that can be used with that. All except Flint's are also saloons so will also trigger the card cycling effect. Gomorra Lot Commission lets me discard a deed to gain ghost rock.

I'm wondering if it'd be worth adding Notary Public to take advantage of all the Public deeds for free movement.

Any comments/suggestions?

Apr 04, 2016 db0

It looks like a slide but it seems to have a shootout structure. If you're intending to shoot, why rely on One Good Turn instead of something like Faster on the Draw?

Apr 04, 2016 DoomDog

Faster on the Draw would make more sense. It's not like One Good Turn does a lot in shootouts and if things get off to a good start I won't need the ghost rock anyway. I should probably trim something for some Cheatin' Resolutions other than the Jael's Guiles. Reserves is totally replaceable. I also noticed I didn't put the R&D Ranch in here, so that can go in in place of the Stagecoach Office so there's more stuff that works with Lula.

Apr 04, 2016 db0

Also Secured Stockyard is very good with such a build, especially if you can cover it with a Gatling.

Apr 04, 2016 db0

But on the other hand, you don't start a mad scientist :)

Apr 04, 2016 Serenity447

Nice one! I really like this Deck. Yet I noticed a very high cheating probability in Lowball + you gonna lose lowball most of the time.... How about tweaking the values down a little (14/13) and add a few off value deeds?