2nd place Outlaw Standard Slide Deck

published Apr 10, 2016 | | |
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tbowers13 26

It was a really fun day, thanks David Lapp for making it happen. Here is my deck list. I'm a little bummed I didn't get to name an action "So it goes..." or Sandalwood revolvers called The Hands of Arthur Eld, But I seriously misplayed in both of the games I lost against Joshua Jonas and both of them were kinda the same mistake involving Asakichi Cooke.

All of my games today were really great though and very tense. Except for my 2nd game against Rob Martin, sorry Rob but you gotta tell the Judge to pay his taxes from now on.   There were 3 games where my opponent had so much influence I was worried at the end that I might not actually have enough control points in the deck to finish it. Lots of roses, hats and dusters. Even a Sunday's best one game.

There really isn't much about the deck that I would change. Maybe drop a Fancy Hat for another dude. Asakichi Cooke might be a good exception to the 2+ influence rule for the deck. The ability to move a dude who was booted home on that last turn when you're playing chess would be great. I don't usually have a problem with cycling cards and emptying my hand, but it can't hurt to have the option.

Buried Treasure is so good in this deck. I know I'm not the first person to do well with this, but it really is a fantastic card with no downside at all. The Fancy new hats saved my bacon a bunch of times too. I would have lost against the Sloaneslide deck playing Saloons and Ulysses/Clementine if I hadn't drawn and played 3 hats on turn 2. I think he had 6 control points at the end of turn 1 with the original Sloane outfit ability.

I'd really like to cut one of the 0 cp deeds for a 1cp deed, but I just don't see how any of the 0cp deeds can be cut. None of them are adjacent to the town square which along with all of the saloons makes it relatively safe to use the home ability without needing to waste deck slots on Make the Smart Choice. Because if you're not using the home ability pretty much every turn you might as well have played Banditslide instead. It would be strictly better without the big discounts.

Apr 10, 2016 mplain

No Evidence in the deck, did that card become unnecessary? Are the days of Fred Aims and Outlaw Masks over?

Also, I thought 1x Pistol Whip was a good practice to discourage solo Kidnappin' jobs, is that unneeded too now?

Apr 10, 2016 tbowers13

1 copy of the evidence would be useless against most decks and I hate including a card that is so situation dependent. It would have been useful in one of my games, my opponent in the 3rd round did get an Outlaw Mask on his Ramiro with 6 bounty, but he went home after one of my dudes at an out of town deed with kidnappin and went home booted on the final turn of the game. If he had sent someone else it would have been very difficult for me to win with Ramiro in the town square. But I rarely see Outlaw Masks against the people I play and Fred is just as rare. If there were more Sloane decks in our meta it would definitely be a 1 of.

As for Pistol Whip I feel that playing just 1 or 2 means that you will often have it clogging your hand when you don't need it and you will often not have it in hand when you do need it. Its the same reason I don't run Make the Smart Choice. Its a dead card much of the time. Although at least Pistol Whip can save you from a kidnappin whereas Make the Smart Choice can't. And if your opponent sees Pistol Whip in your discard they are just going to send 2 dudes on the Kidnappin job rather than 1 so it would be useless.

I'd rather just try to ignore my opponent and dump deeds and dudes as quickly as possible and accept the loss of some dudes here and there when my opponent draws into kidnappin. My 2nd game of the day was against a Law Dogs bounty deck starting the xp Judge and Andrew Burton. I lost both Irving and Jake on turn 1 to the Judge and a Bounty Hunter and still managed to win. Although getting the Tax Office out turn 1 after all of his dudes were booted at home and winning lowball the next day to immediately us the Tax Office on the Judge when my opponent only had 1 gr probably had something to do with it. lol

I would like to add 1 more dude and 1 more 1cp deed to the deck. I'd probably cut 1 Fancy Hat and 1 0cp deed. But which one do I cut? Pat's Perch seems like the most likely choice.