Putting the Conditions Together

published Jul 13, 2016 | | |
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Prodigy 709

Jia Mein Exp/Forced Quarantine deck on absolute steroids, and my other Putting The Pieces Together deck (yes, I've been obsessed lately). Very fun to play, and while it often explodes into a power house after 3-5 turns, sometimes it fizzles early. When it gets off to a slow start, it will almost always bounce back into a power house position unless the opponent has multiple, early targeted removal. With Ambrose and the home ability, we start with a functional 6 influence to start so that gives plenty of time to get going after a slow start.

Classic Jia Mein Exp decks often like to start out running a Forced Quarantine turn 1 (or at least in the first few turns), and rinse/repeat every turn until victory. This deck is slower, instead waiting to get as many Fiddle Games and Putting The Pieces Togethers (PTPT) as possible before starting the aggression. With Jias ability to grab conditions from the discard, combined with Henry Moran for a potential major discard pile dump each turn (and to keep lowball hands legal), combined with Good Stiff Drink to grab multiple conditions from the discard, it is very easy and reliable to quickly get your home stacked up.

Use Jias ability to run Fiddle Game, making him a stud for the turn, and the opponent will have a tough time defending against a 3 stud (or more) and 2 stud (in Tyxarglenak), especially since it's at your home and it's awkward to defend against. Only decks who pile their dudes into the town square have a chance, and even then they're way out of position after the fight, either booted at your home or booted at their own home.

If you don't have a Fiddle Game, and can't grab one from the discard pile, use Jias ability to play your PTPT's anyway - you may as well, it makes him a stud at no cost to you. Once you have a few PTPTs on your home, grab a Forced Quarantine and proceed to wreck 1 dude every turn.

The draw structure is a 12/12/12 with all off-values able to be played (and stay) on the board, with most values having only 3-of to minimize the chance of cheating while going for a legal full house (or even legal 4 of a kind). With straight flush PTPT decks, you can often fall back on a flush to still have a great hand rank. With a full house, your fall back if you don't get it is an unimpressive 2 pair. Enter LeMat Revolver to change that dreaded 3 pair and instantly and almost guaranteed give yourself a +4 hand rank (LeMats + Jia) with the regular resolution - no need to depend on the cheatin' res. Add any PTPTs, and your 2 pair quickly become rank 9-11.

This deck has more moving parts than my other PTPT deck, and is therefore less consistent, but it is also often more explosive and faster in getting going. It's always fun, and seeing your home stacked with 4 Fiddle Games and 4 PTPTs after only a few turns simply borders on absurd! I don't recommend it for long tournaments (not reliable in the long run), I do recommend it for shorter, more casual OP tournaments or regular casual play. I've never played it multiplayer but I imagine it would be absolutely fantastic - unless you get ganged up on early, there's nothing your opponents can do when all your income and power come from cards attached to your home.