Armadillos drunken doomsday shotguns.

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jaythejester 435

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This is an idea for a deck. I have not tested to see how well it plays, but it looks fun. I'm publishing because I would like to put the idea out there. It does lack cheating punishment, and is very light on spot removal (which it tries to make up for with value cards).

The basis for this deck is, obviously, El Armadillo De Hierro. The idea is to ace dudes with shotguns, possibly multiple times in a shootout by using Doomsday Supply to put a new shotgun on him and discard the old one.

An Armadillo with a shotgun who pigs out to grab and plays a Zhu's Ferocity and combos into Raking Dragons is already a 6 bullet and opponents dude is -2 bullet -3 value, and you can still combo 2 more cards that action if available. Focusing Chi only helps to strengthen your kungfu, as you can play it first (more bullets) place it on top your deck, than use another technique and further stack your discard pile.

Since Armadillo isn't a stud, you might need to get out of the shootout until Xui Yin Chen arrives. So Rabbit's Deception, and The Highbinder Hotel can get you clear after you fire your shotgun(s).

The rest of the deck are card to give your opponents problems. Card advantage of a possible hand size 9, discard 2 end of day, and noon 1 card discard and draw. Natalya can claim an opponents deed for your own, Allie can generate unlimited cp's. The Mayor's Office and Yan Li's Tailoring can give extra influence.

Let me know what you think, even if it's to tell me that I've gone off the deep end.

Sep 02, 2016 twoeyedjack

You have too many in your starting posse. You have to either drop Companhurst's or a dude, or swap one of them out for Xiaodan Li.

You're also putting a lot of eggs in one basket by only having one fu dude in the starting posse, and only having two other fu dudes in the deck. With all your clubs save one being a technique, they'll be dead cards if you lose Armadillo and don't see another fu dude. I'd suggest at least two Hired Guns to help fetch, switch Benjamin out for Xiaodan, and put Shizeng Lu in place of Clementine. You'll have one rock to start so you aren't borrowing for lowball and can still use the home ability.

I'd also consider fitting two Pearl-Handled Revolvers or LeMat Revolvers in there somewhere. If you can get a few Doomsday Supply on your home, you could potentially shotgun twice and end with a Revolver to either make Armadillo a stud or threaten to seriously punish the opponent with a devastating hand rank raise if they cheat.

Sep 04, 2016 jaythejester

Thank you twoeyedjack. I missed that a last second change made an illegal starting posse. Your suggestions may be a good improvement for this deck. Too keep it simple though, here are the card swaps to make this deck legal;

*REMOVE Companhurst's

*REMOVE Clementine Lepp

*ADD Asakichi Cooke to starting posse

Sep 05, 2016 Bronn1

I feel like you have to commit to one or the other Technique, its a massive card sink to include both. Further, it forces you into 6 and 7, which dilutes you straight flush options. You can fix the lack of anti-cheat cards by removing Ferocity and putting in Bottom Dealin. You can add some shootout actions by removing Dragons and adding in stuff like Sun, Stakes, or something else. Overall, I just feel like its trying to do too many things and missing that direction.

Sep 06, 2016 twoeyedjack

Your suggested changes to starting posse won't work either, as you'll be playing with a deck of 51 cards if you remove two cards and only add one.

And it doesn't help your issue of losing Armadillo to a Kidnappin' or similar, and then being stuck with a handful of techniques that are unusable. Asakichi gives you one extra discard to try and cycle in a fu dude, but with only two fu dudes in the deck it isn't enough cycling to hope to catch one of them.

Your starting posse is the issue for making this work. Armadillo being your only fu dude makes him a massive target from the get-go. Lose him and your deck becomes dead in the water while you wait for a fu dude to get into your play hand.

I really like the idea of shotgun swapping. That's clever.

Sep 10, 2016 Mixxathon

This is a fun deck to play. Although, it suffers from no cheating punishment and I cannot find any room for it either, not without compromising the deck. I have played it quite alot, and I found that the only problem I have is if I face only high value dudes or an holstered up Marty. Combining both schools makes for a very fun experience, perhaps not tojrnamnet level, but fun none the less.