An Experimental Deck

published Sep 25, 2016 | | |
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DoomDog 931

Is the Experimental Gadget Straight Flush archetype a solid competitive deck type? No.

Is it fun to play? Yes

Due to the non-appearance of the event kit the Edinburgh Sheriff event had been downgraded to a Deputy event. As a result I was just travelling to play some Doomtown, so I decided to throw together one of those decks that sound fun but that you'd never think would actually work in practice. Turns out it worked okay as I managed to win a couple of games with it against Desolation Row and The Sanatorium, but as I expected against a Sloane Gang CP rush it was too slow to get into decent shooting shape and it couldn't build up as quickly as the Morgan Stables horse deck that also scored a win against me.

Aetheric Shockwave Inducers, Miasmatic Purifiers and Showboating were the star cards. I was lucky enough to not once suffer a weapon malfunction and while a Purifier did explode it had just let me double Showboat off inventin' it so it wasn't all bad. The Shockwave Inducer made my stud dudes big enough to compensate for the rather loose draw structure and I managed plenty of full houses and better, including one straight flush.

A few notes from the games:

Against Des Row Steve was building up control quickly and I was in a tight spot. I managed to get an unbooted Janosz Pratt into a fight with his Allie. Janosz jury-rigged an Asyncoil Gun and zapped away Allie and her 3 CP to keep me in the game! Several brutal shootouts later and we both were low on dudes and influence. Wendy appeared at just the right time to help deal with a Shotgun-toting Ramiro and I was able to get Jake into his Bank to put me in the lead as time was called.

Mark's Sanatorium hex deck didn't get off to a quick start whereas my scientists did. Tommy and Wendy, with two Shockwave Inducers and a Mechanical Horse between them ended up in his home calling out all his unbooted dudes using The Arsenal's ability (and having them run away booted). I built a Purifier to claim check, which forced Mark to spend all his money on Smiling Tom to stay in the game. Next turn he accepted the callout but things didn't go well for him from there.

Against Robert's Sloane Gang I started well with a couple of Showbatings while getting some big guns out. While I had a successful shootout round there were enough expendable Sloaners to take the bullets and several more arrived over the next few days. I wasn't able to match their numbers and shootout strength. Aetheric Shockwave Inducers are only so good if you have the Sun in Yer Eyes.

Dave's Morgan Stables was another strong shooter that was making use of Calling The Cavalry. While I was able to get a few gadget horses out to also benefit from the hand rank bonus he was able to get more horses into play and consistently matched or bettered my shootout hands. Jake Smiley led a valiant last charge and took several Morgan dudes down before getting trampled under hoof.

Sep 26, 2016 Harlath

Bravo on a good showing with an unusual deck!

It was entertaining and creative, and a credible threat in shootouts. Impressive to see it hit a straight flush on hearts.

Sep 27, 2016 Sauronsbeagle1

This deck was great fun to play against, even when it was melting my 3 CP Allie in the town square. Shame your Miasmatic Purifier didn't do the same to Jake in his fancy new hat when I needed it to!