Doomsday currency slide v2

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jaythejester 435

An update on Doomsday Currency, this time with slight tweaks to deeds line up, as well as adding a great amount of influence, taking out One Good Turn… since there just wasn't enough card space for enough dudes, deeds, and doomsday currency combo. Buried Treasure is still in to increase GR production, and ace out Doomsday Supply and Disgenuine Currency Press if and when you start drowning in GR, and would rather draw dudes and deeds. Dudes of note are Doris Powell being 3 control points and 2 influence once you get her a Mechanical Horse (open wounds can also help her move around for cp's. And Buckin' Billy Ballard who can boot the mech horse to draw a card. If he takes a location, he can boot a dude who moves to challenge him in addition to his card draw.

I played this deck 6 times in Octgn league 4, and won 5 times. Some of the games were very close, but the extra influence really helped me survive especially around turn 3 or 4. Later turns, I had so many cards in play or aced that I often got 2 or 3 rumors in hand around turn 5 or 6. Combined with Doris's 3 cps, and games were won.

The game I lost was against Prodigy, which was VERY close for a couple turn. He played a modified [](Putting 108 Flushes Together). He played very smart, and held out until he got a perfect storm combo to counter this deck, having T'ou Chi Chow to use deeds to unboot his dudes repeatedly, Allie Hensman to generate a cp every turn, and Sophie Lacoste to generate enough influence to always survive the day.

I might retire or severely alter this deck if Full Moon Brotherhood, or Morgans Regulators become to much.

Oct 10, 2016 Prodigy

I think this version of slide is at the top of the genre... it does GR production, card draw, and movement better than any of the others. It can handle a kidnappin or two, and I just can't imagine how anyone can beat it without either 1) a judge-like constant kidnappin or 2) multiple tools like I had with T'ou, allie, sohpie, and a couple spot removals.

Jay - what's the thought on starting Willa? If she's just another body to soak up casualties and potentially put a Force Field on, why not start Henry Moran and help out your lowball chances in the process?

Oct 10, 2016 jaythejester

Just realized the deck I ran had Henry Moran instead of Willa, and had 3 mech horses instead of having a Force Field. Henry saw me little help, since against most decks I won most low balls anyway, rarely was punished for cheating, or cheated/lost anyway. Against 108 Worldly Desires it almost never mattered. Willa provides some protection against forced call out, and allows me to use home ability if I don't have a Disgenuine Currency Press

Oct 10, 2016 Prodigy

With the advent of Calling The Cavalry, we now see lots more horse decks, and thus Run 'Em Down! has become much more prevalent... so I can see willa being a good choice, righto!

Oct 10, 2016 DoomDog

Run 'Em Down! is the main reason I've gone back to using Willa over Henry. That and Calling The Cavalry have led to me adding a horse or two to my decks in recent weeks. They helped me win a game against a horse control deck at the Huddersfield Sheriff.