How Sweet The Sound!

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jaythejester 460

Jesters industries is proud to present a deck almost guaranteed to flip tables and end friendships. Abram has, it seems, formed a showboating choir from his blessed deputies.

In the starting line up we have 3 blessed dudes, 2 of whom are also deputies, so that once the miracles start getting played, you end up with 8 end of day influence. In addition, Father Tolarios should be able to get you a confession early on, and Riorden O'Lithen will increase bounties to keep the abilities and confessions working. Willa helps survive forced call outs. In the deck are blessed dudes, and dudes with influence who make you money.

Actions are boring, just One good buried treasure to keep the deck focused, and trim faster to Showboating more often.

Deeds are cheap, and force your opponent to spread out, I've included 10 control points so that your opponent will have to focus on taking your deeds to keep from losing. You can use the father to swap out deeds for spells if you don't have the GR, or want less CP's on the table at the moment. Use Buried Treasure to ace out some deeds if it suits the games needs.

And now for the spells. Lay On Hands can help save a dude from hard removal, used to create zero cost shootouts against Morgan Regulators, or even a cheesy way to increase opponents bounty at an adjacent private deed. Confession generates bounty for abilities, and earns GR off off bounty, it's a prime card for the Father early game. Walk the Path is excellent for your chess game. Lastly, and the reason for this decks inception, Amazing Grace. Free influence and the ability to walk through town square without being called out and sent home! Difficulty 6 so Blessed 0 can showboat!

Heretic Jokers to help with winning lowball, and can be discarded with Father Tolarios

This deck is focused on a long game of building and rebuilding. The deeds with control are only to apply pressure and increase economy and should not be played if it jeopardizes your path to victory. As more blessed get played, spread your miracles out and try to gain control points evenly between your blessed dudes. Amazing Grace can go on any dude, Walk the Path, and Confession are better on blessed 1 and higher, and Lay On Hands is best on blessed 2 since One Good Turn… will likely be in deck very late in game, and bleesed 2 can get the control point if showboating is pulled.

Nov 01, 2016 Gambler777

I was working on a similar deck that was trying to go deedless, but I think a slide/semi-slide approach, which you've touched on here, is probably a more viable build. Amazing Grace is just an all around awesome card with this home.