Miracle of Stud Bullets

published Nov 27, 2016 | | |
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jaythejester 460

Jesters industries is here to proclaim the word, and that word is Stud Bullets. Yes, Stud Bullets is the word.

One of the fools finally realized you occasionally win this game if your dudes are able to get into shootouts, you have huge Stud Bullets, and you have a dang decent draw structure.

For dudes, we have a significant number of deputies, blessed dudes, and big stud dudes. Willa Mae MacGowan is good insurance, and while Sister Lois Otwell isn't a stud, she can make a Sword of the Spirit work extra hard for you.

Deeds are few, but includes 4 saloons for Clementine. This deck will want to build its Stud Bullets, and worrying about too many deeds can spread you thin.

Actions see us a possible straight flush. Unprepared can help knock out weapons to keep your melee bullets, and cancels strong shootout spells and abilities. Framed helps get the bounty out for your abilities since your home doesn't generate bounty. The Law Goes Underground is also very good since no plan survives contact with the enemy, and you may end up losing even with a straight flush, or you get punished for a cheating 5 of a kind with hand rank manipulation. Have an unbooted stud ready, and it reduces what you have to worry about during resolution. Faster on the Draw is great for getting more stud dudes in a shootout, and bullet reduction is great too.

Hearts can all be pulled by Father Tolarios. Confession helps with your abilities that target wanted dudes. Onward Christian Soldiers can really help keep your stud rating, especially against the hot new Dave "Slim" Gorman if you win low ball. The other spells all buff bullets, and create or protect Stud rating. Holy Roller is not just a bullet buff, but protects dudes from ties or close losses

Stud Bullets are everywhere, and they just add up. Tlaloc's Furies can become a 4 bullet weapon, additional +1 on deputies. A deputized Erik Samson can become a 7 stud. Additional 9 bullets can be had from spells.

Strategy. Maintain control over a deed or two, play out spells and Furies every turn, and extra dudes when they show up. Build an army or big Stud Bullet dudes, but do so fairly defensively. Early shootout you are strong in 6's and 8's and a chance straight flush. Later as more cards are in play, and Stud Bullets are massive, you have Extremely high chances of drawing straight flushes, especially with Comin' Up Roses.

There are many good cards that could go in this deck, but sacrifices needed to be made to have a strong straight flush and 6/8 structure. This deck will likely struggle against kungfu (perhaps that's why I have waited to build it till now), and extremely fast aggressive decks that knock out Tolarios before he can get you the spells and weapons you want. It is a bit light on cheating punishment, but The Law Goes Underground and Holy Roller can help if your opponent plays 5 of a kinds.

Nov 28, 2016 DoomDog

I've been playing with a similar idea but I've included fives for Hiding in the Shadows. Your big stud Blessed are awesome, but someone with an Unprepared or Sun in Yer Eyes can really ruin their day if you don't win lowball or have Onward Christian Soldiers. The idea of a Holy Rollin' Sister Mary Gideon preaching Fiery Rhetoric from the shadows appeals to me.

Nov 29, 2016 twoeyedjack

Jester, it's like you and I are on the same wavelength. Have been running a Crusader's deck using deputies and melee weapons exclusively, just for the extra bullet bonus from the home. Been toying around with Bowie Knife, because a shootout play that can add +2 bullets to a deputy and make them a stud with one rock is crazy good, especially after the opponent uses Unprepared or Sun in Yer Eyes before you whip out the Knife. "Oh, thought you had me? Think again."

Holy Roller has been on my radar for a long time as a potential game changer. Problem was Law Dogs didn't have the right deputy Blesseds at decent costs to make it work for my builds. Glad to see someone figured out a way to get it into play.