Father and Child

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jaythejester 460

Jesters industries has done it again, what exactly, they aren't sure. But boy have they done it. Father Tolarios decided after a Good Stiff Drink, he would let a child play with knives! This deck was made because my Showboating decks had one critical flaw. They couldn't defend themselves in a shootout deck aims to fix that weakness, by deputizing a demon baby and giving them blessed cutlery.

Starting posse includes a 4 stud, a 1 stud, and a 0 stud. In deck is the Sister of the Sword, low cost influence and bullet debuff in Q value. When Father starts taking confessions, Abram Grothe (Exp.2) becomes a low to zero cost dude who I treat functionally as a transient that is a 3 stud 3 influence that unboots all your deputies.

Clubs are built to get a straight flush. Framed gets extra bounties out. Buried Treasure aids economy, trims cards from deck to showboat more often, and slightly increases chances of drawing spells. Showboating is obvious win condition, just make sure your difficulty 7 spell abilities are attempted by a Blessed 1 or better. Good Stiff Drink allows Tolarios or Abram to use their ability a second time that turn.

Diamonds are cheap and useful, but not so plentiful that opponent can easily win by controlling your deeds. "Open Wound"'s trait of all being adjacent to each other can be helpful when people are trying to keep their wanted dudes far away from Father Tolarios.

Spirit blessed furies can grant massive stud values, while giving immunity to spells, and grants very high skill to your blessed. Confession is critical for placing bounties, and also helps economy. Lay On Hands is in here to counter Morgan Regulators. Amazing Grace is just perfect for this deck. Free, low difficulty, influence, miracle.

Secondary draw structure is 14 K's and 10 Q's, because when your one card short of a straight flush, you'll be glad to see you at least drew a 4 of a kind.

A friend of mine said he feared the day I made a showboating deck that was able to defend itself as well. This might just be that deck. This will have to opt for aggression at times against Sloan at the cost of The Caretaker being weak. It will also have problems against Kung Fu, (whats new?) or Full Moon Brotherhood if they run spot removal.

Dec 09, 2016 Nobuyoki

Why not adding Onward Christian Soldiers and Dumbstruck? That would provide quite a nice protection to your big stud blessed/dude. And apart from thining out your draw structure faster with Buried Treasure, have you thought about thing like Too much attention (which could give a bit of control, but not that great), or the really strong Unprepared if you know that you'll go into shootout? Plus, Unprepared could help you keep the bullet bonuses of your weapons, which is always welcomed. I really think a small Abram xp2 with Tlaloc+Onward+Dumbstruck is kinda auto Straight Flush. If you really want to force shootout at the end, you can even put a Fiery Rhetoric, but I don't think this deck want that ;D