Graceful Kung Fu

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Jesters industries wants to Show you how drawing cards can make you win!

Another deck that cannot handle finishing shootouts. You will be using shootouts to cycle cards, but than escaping with Rabbit's Deception. The goal here is very specific. Draw Amazing Grace, play it on Stevie Lyndon. Ace out all cards in you deck except Showboating so that every time Stevie sings Amazing Grace he gains a control point. Since these two cards are the sole win condition, every other card in your deck is just slowing it down. That's why you need to get rid of your deck as fast as possible.

The theory is simple, every card that draws another card to replace it essentially does not count as a card in your deck, When you have played, aced, or drawn into hand all cards that don't draw cards, you will be able to constantly play Buried Treasure to ace out all your cards in deck except one BT. At this point you can use Whiskey Flask, or Asakichi Cooke to put Showboating back into the deck.

3 different actions directly redraw. 2 different Goods freely redraw as well, since tusk is essentially reduced to zero cost, and playing Doomsday Supply to play Tusk will trigger Pawnshop twice essentially reducing its cost to zero. Stacking a second tusk on the same dude discards one of them, so you can keep treating Doomsday Supply like a Tusk. Whiskey Flask can help dump a Showboating for a different card, and can help you get showboating back into your deck at end of game. Baijiu Jar is something truly special for this deck, since it discards 3 cards to draw 4. Effectively increasing hand size, cycling massive numbers of cards. A Piece of the Action draws a card when playing Tusk, but must be played with a dude from hand, so should be one of the first cards aced.

The other side of reducing the cards in deck faster is having a large hand size. Randall increases hand size for second turn and onward. Home ability can gain a free card (you may need a couple Baijiu Jars, and be at a saloon to see it happen much), and Baijiu Jar can as mentioned increase total cards in hand. 28 cards that draw or redraw, out of a starting deck size of 43, leaves 15 cards to deal with. A hand size second turn of 6 to 11 cards (depending on Jar and home ability use), your hoping to see your deck depleted by turn 3 or 4, depending on how Showboating clogs up your efforts.

The difficulty this deck will face include being hit by spot removal, and getting slowed down by drawing Showboating into hand. Full Moon Brotherhood also puts serious kinks in your plans as well.

So, to recap with this screwball deck, your goal is after about 3 or 4 turn to have played, aced, or kept in hand all but 4 Showboatings in deck. Gain 4 CP's a turn.