RoboRegulators (2nd place Edinburgh Sherriff 2017)

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RoboRegulators 2.0 2nd place at European champions 4 3 3

Neramoor 119

0 Started income is not as much of a problem as you would think. Mechanical Skelton takes the upkeep off JW Byrne. Recursive motion will remove it from post atron as will Margret Hagerty.

First turn postatron is invented by Specks moves to town square boot and assists Linares with any technological exhibitions.

Long term you get mechanical skeletons and use outgunned, forcefields and its not what you know to manipulate hand ranks.

Apr 03, 2017 Harlath

I like this and it's good to see that there's a strong horse deck on 6 that doesn't use Calling The Cavalry! :) Albeit you've got various other ways to manipulate hand ranks instead... The Yagn's Mechanical Skeletons were very frustrating in our game, influence bump and meant I was struggling to #shotgun even William Specks thanks to the value bump.

Really hard to make intelligent suggestions here, whole thing looks very solid. Six off value cards helps with low-ball: did the switch to It's Not What You Know... following various testing matches help? I didn't see your matches and have a chance to find out if this helped.

Apr 03, 2017 Neramoor

Switching to its what you know did make a big difference as did the speed at which it can get out multiple studs. It helps that the Edinburgh meta is big on pistol whip and Yagn's is a hard counter to that.

I think I should swap specks for hagerty (its net the same GR). Haggerty gets more use out of regulators and isn't easy shotgun fodder. I would probably add in Bethany shill in the space.

Apr 03, 2017 DoomDog

The Mixer is also worth considering. You can use him to undo the effect of Sun in Yer Eyes while keeping the bonus from your Yagn's. J.W. would lose the bullet boost from his trait, but he'd still be a 3 stud.

Without a base upkeep he'll also be cheaper to keep around compared to Bethany (though she does provide some nice buffs...).

Apr 03, 2017 Neramoor

Clearly eagle wardens mecha skeletons is the top tier horse deck we have all been missing.

Apr 03, 2017 jordan caldwell

Cool deck.

Why only a single Miasmatic Purifier?

Apr 03, 2017 Neramoor

that's a good question, here is a bad answer. huntsman tis worthwhile o keep upkeeps down and jackson for the money, the tax office could easily swap out

Apr 04, 2017 jordan caldwell

I ask because I would be tempted to play four of them especially in this deck.

This decks looks like it can shoot good early, and even better later. And so, with the home's trait, your opponent is forced to fight you as your control climbs towards 6, which running four Miasmatic Purifiers (not to mention three Technological Exhibitions!) helps to accelerate the advance of. Might even use Run 'Em Down! to boot and isolate their shooters instead of calling them out.

Two starting scientists might make that a little tricky, though.

Apr 04, 2017 Neramoor

I did find that for the first few turns both MS were booting out. I was even using regulators to straighten Linares and invent another thing. I would be concerned about adding more gadgets as its already close to capacity. One of the reasons I want to change specks for haggerty is that he rarely lived passed turn five against any kind of aggro deck.

Apr 04, 2017 jordan caldwell

Yeah. Science starting posses are the worst. Between Influence, Studs, Skills, Abilities, and Cashflow, you gotta make some tough choices.

I agree that William Specks does best as an auxiliary scientist, rather than a primary, otherwise you're giving up on being able to use his ability (which justifies his upkeep).

Speaking of replacing him - why Bethany Shiile over Willa Mae MacGowan? I could see her being useful as an inconsequential Force Field casualty or even to contest a deed as a 3-stud (with Yagn's Mechanical Skeleton plus home ability) and maybe even boot-trapping the reinforcements in a pinch.

Apr 04, 2017 Neramoor

I like the swing she gives dudes who already have skeletons which is the primary focus of the deck. In my head she is a winners keep winning card for this deck. She would take JW + Skeleton to 5 stud 3 influence K+3, that's better than sloan.

Apr 07, 2017 jordan caldwell

If ever there was a deck for Plasma Drill, I think this might be the one.

First, it wouldn't cause Diego Linares to fail the pull for Yagn's Mechanical Skeleton. Second, it's play and activation costs can be mitigated by Technological Exhibition and Recursive Motion Machine. Third, instead of using Run 'Em Down! for callouts, you could use it for isolation, and double down to use the drill to eliminate a deed from the "safety" of the townsquare, stranding several dudes at home, where the Morgan Regulators trait could cap influence, allowing you to maybe seal a win...