Bouncing Bobo's Band of Bastardly Bandits

published Apr 08, 2017 | | |
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Devogenes 37

The ultimate chuckle-combo is to turn everyone into a draw with Dave and then to resurrect a dead Bobo with Darregh.

The deck actually works pretty well even when those stars don't align. Dave with a Winchester is pretty gnarly. Phantom Fingers works well with Rapier. I may try pulling out the Bobo mechanic entirely, despite it being the whole point.

Win by putting control points on dudes with home & corporeal twists.

Apr 09, 2017 jordan caldwell

Playing against this deck it gets really scary control points fast and suddenly discarding the "bullet-catcher" dude is as bad a choice as discarding a dude with influence (thanks to Corporeal Twist) - plus the shadow Dave "Slim" Gorman casts over the board when properly suited up. (We have got to get those silver sharpies!!)

I feel like Tyxarglenak would be good in here, maybe even multiple like Bobo. Protects your hucksters from Kidnappin's and Coachwhip! among other things and recurs with Raising Hell - which I think it brilliant btw! - and is already part of your structure.

How often does Emilia Vivirias help out?

Lastly, I could maybe see Takin' Ya With Me be used to good effect in here maybe, if your structure could bear it.

Cool deck, cheers!

Apr 09, 2017 Devogenes

Tyx is a good idea. I'll try that. I also took out Emilia for a Quicker on the Draw.

Apr 10, 2017 jordan caldwell

Or José Morales - he can make all the pulls - plus wield a Winchester Model 1873...