Still can't believe this wins - Booted Dudes Edition

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(This decklist accompanies Episode 19 of the Booted Dudes Podcast. For more information, find us on or )

This is a modified version of the modified version made by knightstouch based on a deck by db0.

With this deck, you want to sit it out in the early game at home. You are almost a bicycle deck, so even with some stud you shoot abysmaly! Instead, you use Funtime Freddy to guarantee a Hex on Jia Mein (Exp.1), and then try to pull Putting The Pieces Together (PTPT) from your discard once per turn with Jia's Noon ability.

Once you have 2-3 PTPTs out and maybe a The Gambler's Gun or Calling The Cavalry in hand, you can go to town and perplex your opponent by winning shootouts with two pairs or flushes against Full Houses and Four-of-a-kinds.

Beware of playing out too many deeds too early, you don't want your opponent to be able to win by taking control of your deeds. Don't forget Ambrose Douglas' ability, use it to gain influence every turn, even just for cycling out the cards you don't want for the ones you need.

Always play your PTPT with Jia's second Noon-ability to make him a stud for the round. If that isn't an option, remember that Calling The Cavalry also makes one of your dudes a stud!

If you're in a tight spot, Rope and Ride can sometimes catch a single opposing dude unawares, and if you ever get the short stick in a shoot-out, use Willa Mae MacGowan to get out of there! Having a Doomsday Supply at the ready is great for the threat of Shotgun or The Gambler's Gun, you'll be surprised how scary those weapons become once you have put all the pieces together!

In the end game, you can use your horse ridin' Dudes to outmaneuvre your opponent and drive them off in open shootouts while spamming control point deeds.

Shout-out to Knightstouch and db0 for creating this mind-boggling deck! Thank you for turning the game upside-down! Next challenge: design a deck based around Plasma Drill!

Jul 06, 2017 Harlath

As noted on your other decklists from this episode I'm a big fan of your in-depth deck reviews on the podcast.

Particularly happy to see this deck tackled and that you covered its history. It is encouraging to see cards like Putting The Pieces Together and Comin' Up Roses help a broader variety of deck structures to flourish.

Hard to add much here beyond the debate over whether to start Henry Moran (to prevent the odd cheatin' lowball hand) or Willa Mae MacGowan, I think I lean slightly towards the former, but would need to experiment to have a firm view (the best way to learn).

A similar 4R deck out of a different home did well at the Euros, backing up your positive impression of this deck type: