Sloane Hucksters European 2017

published Jul 02, 2017 | | |
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TomasNavarro 28

Jul 02, 2017 Doowa

Thought I should comment a little, now that I kinda sought it on fb

Jul 02, 2017 Doowa

Goddamn. The net ate my long post... in short I believe your staring posse/ gr is your main issue. Having 2 gr after lowball in 50% of the games, just isn't reliable. I understand that 3 bullets are nice with the holster, but not being able to play it, kinda ruins the idea. I'd ditch Marion Seville (Exp.1) and maybe keep José Morales as mirror mirror is important to the deck. And maybe add Willa Mae MacGowan and Jake Smiley.

Jul 02, 2017 TomasNavarro

I put somewhat of an explanation of the deck on my blog if you're interested:

Essentially, José Morales is there as "The Huckster", and someone like Dave "Slim" Gorman doesn't work for me because he's only a huckster 1. The fact he can use Legendary Holster is a bonus, ideally I want my hexes and holster on separate dudes.

I did consider Jake Smiley but I was actually worried that I couldn't use him to take over my opponents deeds (like they'd play any...) and there's also the consideration that if my shooter and my influence is split, I can get in a lot of trouble if one of them needs to die.

The Bowie Knife is great for the deck, since I have so few studs. Shotgun is great, but another expense, and without stacking more Corporeal Twist it might not get much use.

The money problems were mostly because I didn't realise people just wouldn't play a single deed against me, something which I will fix moving forward.

Jul 03, 2017 Harlath

I always like seeing low value Hucksters, particularly when they're complemented by the thoughtful article you put together on your blog.

Glad you're excited by the spoiled Epitaph Hex on 4H - perhaps 2 of it and keep the 2 Faithful Hound to reward them for chomping so many robot skeletons?

If you want to stick your opening posse but have a reliable deed, have you considered adding in Gomorra Lot Commission? You've got a spare dude slot in your opening posse and this would give you:

1) a reliable way to get started with Protection Racket in the early game. 2) a way to discard deeds to generate a bit of extra ghost rock on top of triggering your outfit.

Jul 03, 2017 DoomDog

Gomorra Lot Commission is a really cool deed. I've been playing around with it recently and I agree with @Harlath that it could help here.

Jul 03, 2017 TomasNavarro

Honestly I'd forgot that card existed, it'd be a great addition

Jul 03, 2017 Harlath

Tweak it and take some names in the Epitaph tournaments. Glad to help a fellow Sloane Huckster player - keep the faith! :)