Barton's Big Day Out (9th place European Marshall 2017)

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tzimsce 13

Tight draw structure based around cheatin with Barton and Den Of Thieves home ability.

Game 1 - Kirsty (Abrams Crusaders)

Was expecting to play Eagle Wardens which she had done every other game I've versed her. Instead out came Law Dogs. Game was spent with me staying at home mostly as the blessed got powered up with miracles and hymns. I did have plenty of income and was gaining about 10 GR a day, which allowed me to keep Steven Wiles in play. With plenty of deeds in play Kirsty started to come and camp on them. Time was called just as a shootout happened and I pushed my luck and cheated every round, fortunately for me Kirsty had little in the way of Cheatin resolutions. - Timed Win

Game 2 - Max (Law Dogs)

Think I spent the first 4 days mainly passing while Max built his dudes up with goods. Got some of my own goods cards out only for them to be mugged away. A well timed kidnapping and being able to move bounty from Barton on to Maria who stayed at home and Hattie and Thunderboy weren't as much as a threat as I expected.Devils Joker plus Barton plus Den seriously bumped my hand rank and max had no cheatin res in hand, his posse destroyed, I waltzed across town square for the easy control points

Game 3 - Chris? (Oddities Of Nature)

Probably my favourite match of the tournament. My opponents posse was all Abominations backed up by Karl Odett and a couple of Pagliaccios. I had kidnapping in first hand so felt pretty confident. Funtime hit town square, where he was kidnapped, things were going well for me. However as fast as I was knocking them down more just kept appearing. I got deeds out and controlled town square, don't think my opponent ended up with anyone on my side of street. Ivor Hawley Exp 1 dropped and more abominations came back, then soul cage started bringing them back as well. I managed to force a shootout and unprepared dude with soul cage, cheated like mad and managed to wipe most of his posse. I then sauntered across town square to take over his 2 deeds and with my own CP put the game to bed.

Game 4 - Vince (Beyond The Veil)

Was hoping for a starting hand kidnapping, didn't get it even with Travis' ability. Vince played 1 deed and started to fortress up, lack of deeds really hampered my income. Out came Nicodemus Whateley and I was up against it. Tried to force shootout at the deed, Barton was sent home due to Mariel's ability and I ended up losing first round of shoot out. I stayed with only Travis and managed to draw 3 7's and 2 devils jokers, Vince took his lumps then ran.

Started another day and I had just enough GR to bring in Ulysses Marks who was promptly kidnapped, game went downhill for me pretty quickly after that, tried for another shootout and was just sent home again with Mariels ability and then just watched as vince booted his dudes to earn CP's.

Jul 04, 2017 Harlath

I enjoyed this summary, particularly having seen the same match reported from Max's perspective. Hope you find the time & energy to let us know how your other games went after the first two. :)

Cheatin' Barton Everest and Den of Thieves still looks to be pretty good going by your placing! :)

Did you find losing Rico Rodegain's influence and grifter status a big blow? You still placed pretty well without him!

Anything you'd tweak? Is it worth considering Travis Moone (Exp.1) to overlay over his basic version?

Well done on a solid showing. :)

Jul 04, 2017 tzimsce

After the erratta to Paralysis Mark I had to shuffle quite a few things around, then the influence hit to Rico nearly put me off playing this deck again. I would like to read Max's summary of our game because it was a long day and I'm sure I glossed over most of it but don't know his user name on here.

I might have a look at dropping a hired help for another kidnapping. I never thought about experienced Travis, might be worth a look.

I'll put the other games up shortly, what I remember of them anyway

Jul 04, 2017 Harlath

I think this is Max's report:

Loads of good reports have been collated on at the official forum:

I know the feeling when it comes to forgetting details of matches! :)

Jul 04, 2017 tzimsce

Yeah that looks like the one. Think he is getting our casual game muddled in there as well. I played judge rush for that and there was a lot of sun in your eyes flying about. Don't have any in my Sloane deck.