Den of Skillz

published Mar 03, 2018 | | |
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DoomDog 934

I haven't played aggro Sloane in absolutely ages. Had a fun couple of games on OCTGN with this deck. Nothing particularly fancy, just an old Grifter swarm shooter with a bit of a twist.

This looks like a sluckster deck at setup, especially when you use Makaio to move the Den bounties from Travis to Maria (actually useful if Nightmare Realm hits play). The reason the skilled dudes are there is because a lot of the Grifters are skilled dudes, so I thought why not throw a couple of Epidemic Laboratories in there. If you establish a strong position early on, you could possibly end up with two 'clocks' between Allie and the Lab to really put the pressure on your opponent.

When I was playing I was wondering why I wasn't seeing the Hawley's Roses that I thought I had in this deck. Obviously, I was thinking of a different deck. Those would certainly be useful as few of the dudes in the deck have influence. As the Rose's influence bonus only applies during Sundown it neatly gets round the issue of out-of-faction dudes' upkeep costs that the on-value Sunday Best could cause. Suiting up your Sloaners and dropping the hexes entirely is still a valid option.

Should probably also note that this deck will hate stuff like Soul Blasts, Puppets & Shotguns. Hustle them and shoot their users dead, or you'll be in trouble. The Legendary Holster could easily be slotted in here due to the low value structure.