Indian Trainrobbers dmh

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oortje 82

There are several ideas with which I was puzzling the last weeks. One of them was how to exploit This is a Holdup! and the other one is dmh.

This is a Holdup! steals GR. This pretty unique in the game. I have noticed that this works pretty good with The Place. You increase you opponents income, and then you can steal more. I tried to play this in Protection Racket and Den of Thieves, but it just dont flow right. This would make my booted wanted dudes less vunerable. Good, but now I have to find other pieces to go with this deck. At first this was a deck with 6-7-J. J for This is a Holdup!, 6 for The Place and 7 for Rancher's Lariat. Previous attempts have shown that Rancher's Lariat was more usefull in a ranch deck, and rary increased my opponent ranches income to exploite This is a Holdup! more. 6s were ok, but not great. On 6 there are a lot of dudes for the eagels, but none that really go well with this deck. So This is a Holdup! has an obvious drawback namely bounty. Since I abandonded the sloane and there for dont have direct acces to Milt Clemons and Makaio Kaleo, Esq.. Sure you can still use them you would say, but paying upkeep for influence is painfull I would say. As a tool for bounty I found Outlaw Mask. Once you see As and Js you have to start wondering if DMH is an option.

DMH. I always thought that DMH feels a little like cheating in a bad way, because you have a 3value structure with access to a legal rank 11 hand. I know it is part of the lore or something, but it is stupid because it is just 1 card off a fullhouse, so you dont seem to loose a lot most of the time. Anyway lets stop complaining and start explaining. With dmh you need to cycle a lot of cards, because you dont to keep them in play, in case of a long game. A few cards support this idea: Pony Express, The Joker's Smile, Gomorra Lot Commission. The dudes on A and 8 need to not stay in play, so transiant dudes make sense, therefor I play Steven Wiles and Daomei Wang. (Steven is technicly not transient, but you get the idea). They both also can do a hold up and leave the stage during upkeep to get rid of their bounty. Hired Guns help to get the few dudes out that need to stay in play. Civil War is a way to dudes out of the home area. The other pieces Mariel Lewis and Zachary Deloria go well together as a startingposse. Now Zachary Deloria has an exploitable ability when you combine it with outlaw mask (A) and Buffalo Rifle (J). If you only had a way to keep him in the fight somehow....... Hmm Pedro (8). I know, i know, it is impossible to get all those pieces together. But you dont have to, some pieces are good enough. The riffle is good to defend booted dudes from town square, the mask supports bounty and can be stacked. In theorie you can get a dude with 10 bounty and 3masks, while on the same location as Zachary Deloria makes him a 30stud. Will this ever happen? Probebly not. Is a 4 stud realistic, yes that could happen quite often.

Anyway time to test it.

Apr 30, 2018 DoomDog

What's the plan for building up bounty on Zachary? You could swap in some copies of The Evidence perhaps?

Using the basic Eagle Wardens home to ace non-DMH values from your deck could also be helpful.

Apr 30, 2018 oortje

Well zachery needs to be at the same location as a dude with high influence. That dude does not have to be in the shootout. So if a dude with high bounty and a mask stands in town square, zachery will benefit from its influence, while joining a shootout with his buffelo rifle. So zachery can stay does not have to a bounty himself. I like your suggestion, thanks.