Eagle Wardens (Update)

published May 17, 2018 | | |
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Bashby75 16

This is my trial build deck with updates suggested by other players.

May 23, 2018 Harlath

I really like this! Good tight draw structure and a solid starting posse.

I wonder if 3x starting shaman dudes is over kill, and if Jacqueline Isham might be worth considering (helps defend Town Square) instead of Butch Deuces. Or perhaps dropping Butch and Jackson for Jacqueline Isham, Jake Smiley and Willa Mae MacGowan/Henry Moran? That saves 7GR and a point of upkeep and only spends 6 (with no upkeep!), plus it gives an extra body to absorb the inevitable casualties from camping the Town Square. Butch and Jackson out for Zachary Deloria, Henry/Willa and Jake Smiley might work too.

Epidemic Laboratory is a great choice if you can get hold of it: only needs one shaman dude to run the Laboratory job if your opponent is too scared of your town square army to be near enough the job to contest it.

Might also consider dropping Missed! for It's Not What You Know..., as canny opponents may simply "cheat through the pain" against Magical Distraction.