Mad Scientist's New Clothes

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Robert 18

Definitely could use some advice. It's good, but I have a problem winning lowball. Problem is that I don't want to fail on my pulls though. The Stakes Just Rose and QUARTERMAN are risky for that reason. Also, Hagerty and The Wretched are holdovers from the deck I used to play. Any with gadget experience please help!

Jul 27, 2018 RNash

This is a solid start! If you are looking to win lowball more, you could try loosening your structure a bit more. I would recommend including more hearts for whatever you cut, this will let you leverage Decimator Array to greater effect. You could go a number of directions with this deck. You could look to maximize the Decimator Array + Force Field combo, in which case you would want to put at least 8 more hearts in on values that make a straight flush. You could swap in some horses and run Calling The Cavalry in addition to your other hand rank modifiers. You could also just keep doing what it does now, and have a shootout focused deck with gadget trickery.

Here are some suggested changes that would work with any of the above plans, and I would be happy to discuss the ideas I listed above in further detail.

Suggested cards to cut: The Wretched, Hot Lead Flyin', The Stakes Just Rose, Dr. Arden Gillman, Stagecoach Office, QUATERMAN

Potential cards to add: Disgenuine Currency Press, Doomsday Supply, Mechanical Horse, Devil's Six Gun, Jael's Guile, Carter's Bounties, Cliff's #4 Saloon

Jul 27, 2018 Robert

Thanks for helping! I'm sold on your suggested cuts. That freed up 7 slots and I was thinking 1 Cliff's #4 Saloon, 1 Carter's Bounties, 3 Mechanical Horse and 2 Devil's Six Gun. I really like Disgenuine and Doomsday, but thought the higher values would be better for pulls. Should I be concerned about only having 13 dudes? If I find going ghost rock a problem, I'll do the 4s and 5s over the 9s.

Jul 27, 2018 RNash

I think 13 dudes is fine, you have a good ratio of influence to dudes. If you wanted to add a few more I would go with "Lucky" Sky Borne, Jarrett Blake, and/or Mario Crane, and maybe swap James Ghetty or The Grey Man for Adrián Vallejo.

Also I really hope that you mean 2 Mechanical Horse and 2 Devil's Six Gun, since they are the same value so going 3 and 2 would put you at 5 cards on 9H. Maybe a 1 of Doomsday Supply or one of the aforementioned dudes instead of that 3rd Mechanical Horse?

Jul 27, 2018 Robert

No, that was me being an idiot! Nice way to word it by the way. 2 Horse, 2 Six Guns, 1 Doomsday and I like swapping Ghetty for Vallejo. If I need to add more dudes after playing I will. Thanks so much, excited to get it to the table!