Hired Gadgets

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This is a Dudes & Deeds -type of deck based on Morgan, but instead of basing its defense on actions like Pistol Whip and Make the Smart Choice, I instead use cards like the Hired Help and gadgets like the Force Field, to actually try to win 1v1 shootouts by trying in hand ranks (or winning if I get lucky). I'm effectively trying to turn the superior MCC economy to firepower.

James Ghetty is there to allow me to play my early Hired Helps for free. 2x Hired Helps is only 2 GR with Ghetty around and this is 4 extra casualties if things go south, to allow me to escape, nevermind the decent bullets.

What you want to be doing is using Clementine Lepp heavily to build your saloons, and Irving Patterson to build your out of town locations. Keep building deeds and getting economy to force the opponent to spread out. If you see a good opportunity to take down a single dude, try to assault them using Hired Help or Bounty Hunter and then put your Force Field to use to discard them regardless of what they make.

This deck in action

Dec 26, 2014 tbowers13

Do shootout action cards count as shootout abilities? I thought that abilities were things printed with a cost to activate followed by a colon on dudes deeds and goods. Does James Ghetty really work like that? Can you also use his money to pay for cheatin varmint's first ability?

Dec 26, 2014 db0

A "shootout ability" is anything in the form of "Shootout: Do Something". So cheating varmint does not work with Ghetty because that one it's a resolution.

Jan 01, 2015 xDIABOx

Hello, Correct me if I'm wrong but... Dudes in your starting posse must belong to the same Outfit and/or be Grifters, according to rules. So no Clementine Lepp in the starting posse (I had to correct that myself since I was starting her in Sloane).

Jan 01, 2015 db0

You're almost correct. They have to be Drifters (with a 'D') not Grifters ;)

Jan 01, 2015 xDIABOx

Heck, is Grifters even a word?! :D

Jan 01, 2015 xDIABOx

Oh, I see... the rulebook states drifters and Grifters. And I thought I was going crazy regarding the term "Grifter". These guys writing rules... what is considered to be a drifter? Is that a typo that was related with Grifter?!

Jan 01, 2015 db0

A drifter is an unaligned dude, someone belonging to no faction, such as...Clementine Lepp ;)

Jan 01, 2015 xDIABOx

Yup, that was mentioned on the Outfit card section of the rules instead being mentioned on the Dude card section, along the Outfit symbol of that Dude card. I'll never complain again on FFG rulebooks... :P

Thanks for the reply. I wasn't really sure about this but there's nothing like Q&A to set things straight.