Ape! Beer! Shotgun! What could possibly go wrong?

published Aug 14, 2018 | | |
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caelreth 91

(York 11 August, 6th place)

Legendary Holster / Shotgun deck! Get them on a high-bullet dude (probably the ape ) and rule all the shootouts!

That was the plan, anyway. What I had neglected to take into account was the current meta: people were concerned that there would be a lot of Force Field/Decimator Array type hand rank manipulation decks, so they had put cards like Mugging, Faithful Hound and Unprepared, which wasn't good for my goods-based strategy. (Neither was Hattie, but that was just law dogs being law dogs)

So, first game, I got mugged just as I had set up my killer combo. Second, I was able to pull off the combo, also my deck started pulling really low lowball hands, including a 6-high (with a joker, but without any hand rank manipulation) Third, an Inner Struggle forced me to discard my holster(1 in 6!), and a Hound ate my Shotgun.

Conclusion: Hamshanks is really needed in this deck. Also, a looser structure, for winning lowball and not cheating. More income and more cheatin' punishment would help too. Also, pay attention to the meta! (I've been caught out like that before, bringing an anti horse deck to a tournament that ended up having hardly any horses at all)