Spellslide - Undefeated* Tombstone* Winner

published Sep 06, 2018 | | |
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ironcache 189

This deck went undefeated at a local 4-person tournament in Halifax, Canada. I don't actually know that it was a tombstone kit, but there was a lot of prizes so I assume it was an important one (I just show up to win the things; don't really keep track of what is what here).

Technically was supposed to be round robin tournament. By the end of the 2nd round, my 3rd round opponent was exhausted and didn't want to play, so I only got two games in with the deck. But the second was against the world champ, so I guess that means I'm world champ now?

Deck goal is to slide out and put pressure on them defending their deeds with a combination of Frank, Shadow Walk Hucksters w/ the other spells, and the home. Phantasm people in with Lepp to effectively make them useless drunks. 16/12/8 draw structure on Q/10/9; it can fight if it absolutely has to, but it definitely doesn't want to. Ol' Howard for Joker's Smile if you don't get a decent Saloon in the opening hand.

Game 1 (vs. not world champ playing Justice in Exile): This deck had no force fight. Game lasted a long time (never saw my deeds early enough), but I was free to handle this at my pace.

Game 2 (vs. world champ playing base Law Dogs): This deck had a lot of force fight (Bounty Hunter + Curse of Failure). We ended up with some very crunchy and close turns (he had me on the ropes where I barely survived through 2 Bounty Hunters killing off Frank + Larry, and a surprise Pistol Whip on my Jacqueline to prevent me from taking back one of my deeds. But I survived that round, managed to stablize, and, through managing to chain puppets on his Constance as well as pull some decent hands in critical shootouts (I saw very few queens to play, so my deck was positioned nicely for fighting), I managed to lock it down.

Deck wants to go up to 19+ deeds (the slide needs to be faster). I would take out 1 Shadow Walk and 1 Jacqueline likely to make it happen. Needs to be toyed with more.

Sep 07, 2018 Doowa

Gratz on the win. Very interesting deck out of Outlaws, thanks for sharing.

I’m surprised that 2T2D was legal at the event..

Sep 07, 2018 ironcache

@Doowa Thanks. I've been playing with Sloane Huckster for a long time. Up until recently, there's been little reason to play them over 4R Hucksters, IMO. The high huckster skill in shootouts did not really allow for anything that the stronger starts of 4R didn't overcompensate for (compare Val, Funtime, Micah, and even Popescus to dudes like Antheia and Maria... they are just not equal).

But with Protection Racket and, of all dudes, Frank Stillwell (who, for the purpose of this deck, could be viewed as a Huckster with a weird built-in Shadow Walk), I think Sloane Huckster is actually starting to pull ahead in this deed-control style archetype.

As to why 2T2D was legal, our meta is pretty small. One of our local players (the "world champ") went to Gen Con got a set to share the cards so that our meta could use it for the tournament; everyone had access to it.

Sep 07, 2018 ironcache

I should add a brief note on FMB; obviously they somewhat screw the plan of lodging Clem into the Smile. There are back up options in:

  • Do the home ability with Frank (and then react if they come in to oppose).
  • Lodge a huckster in the smile w/ Puppet to run it.
  • Phantasm them to the deed next to the smile.

They are worse options than just hitting the win button with reckless abandon using Clem, but it does have counter-play. I was confident I wouldn't see FMB though, and I didn't, so I can't speak for how well it competes in practice.

Sep 08, 2018 Redgar

Key counterplay to this deck. Don't lose lowball with your own Straight Flush deck into a first play Puppet-Constance. ;)

I will say that it is a BLAST playing with 3TD. The dudes open up so many more starting posses, across factions, while the new actions each offer interesting choices.

(Curse of Failure, for instance, isn't quite as strong for picking off isolated small dudes late game as it is early game... but it is a great action on 9 and can supplement other force fight...)