Tribute to Miles

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Lapp 80

After Russell submitted his tribute piece to Pine Box, I was inspired to make a deck using the starting posse ( mentioned. As I hadn't come up with anything yet for Spiritual Society, here is the first draft.

Concept is to get some early jobs with Francisco and get out those Quarter Horses so those participating can stay in town square and build up for the Calling the Cavalry fight. Epidemic Laboratory is the end game with a late Darragh or shaman to ramp up the points while your team in town keeps opponents at bay.

Off suit explanations as follows:

-Bottom Dealin: I had wanted to build a deck using Heretic Jokers and Calling the Cavalry for the possible boost back up; with 2 starting upkeep, they should also help get a lowball win and it's hilarious when a bottom dealin draws into one

-Taff's Distillery: card draw off of Francisco or the lab

-General Store: lots of goods

-Mother Bear's Rage: fun with Kabeda in town square shenanigans

-Pedro and Cavalry Escort: horse sidekicks for Fransisco

-Maggie Harris: pull more horses out

Welcoming feedback :)

Feb 06, 2019 jordan caldwell

I'd go Henry Moran over Zachary Deloria to start. More cash to lay a critical first deed, as well as faster discard for Francisco Rosales to attract. (Plus that'd still leave two studs without touching Mariel Lewis's influence count = 6).

Other than that, this looks super creative and fun!

Feb 06, 2019 Harlath

Seconding the suggestion to swap in Henry Moran as a starting dude - saves a bunch of starting GR to help get your economy going and you still have three (!) starting studs. Plus he has two bullets so he works well with your plethora of low bullet studs. :)

Might be tempted to go harder on Calling The Cavalry instead of Disarm.

Maybe bump up the Control Points a little as we only have 1x Curse of Failure to go after opposing dudes, albeit Epidemic Laboratory helps mitigate this.

9 is a bit of a frustrating value for back-up on value influence, but looks like there is a decent amount on your other values. :)

A fine tribute, and look forward to what people do with the card in the linked article.

Feb 11, 2019 Lapp

Thanks to the folks on dtdb and Discord for input! I did try the change and the deck can get particularly brutal.

Francisco with a Quarter Horse ended up recurring a Cavalry Escort on Henry twice. Those sidekicks come out pretty quick. I fear there may not be enough influence so I could definitely see a switch from 9s to 2s and maybe get Allie in the deck. Fun concept I'll continue to play :)