Dawn - Jonah's Agenda @ Origins (2nd)

published Jun 18, 2019 | | |
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jordan caldwell 369

Dawn of a new era of Sloane Hucksters?

With recent sets, "slucksters" suddenly have a lot of new tools to build out all kinds of crazy decks. I gave this assembly a go at Origins, and had a blast!

Still think the deck is pretty rough - taking suggestions to replace Magnum Opus Tenebri which is a card that is interesting but perhaps not a fit for this deck - maybe for Malison for the influence boost? - but overall I think is pretty scary to play against. I also submit, it is a little uncomfortably light on cheatin' resolutions, as this proved problematic more than once. Finally, I will say only the first half of the home ended up being useful (stud, bounty for Maria), and I'm curious how to get the second half going (boot-blanking an attachment).

Anyhow, made it to the finals, but was once again outchessed by Deputy Max Way. Hoping he posts his deck because it's quite a mean stack. Cheers!

Jun 21, 2019 Antonlion

What are you using Mark of Pestilence for exactly?

Jun 22, 2019 broudebush

going to try this deck few adjustment only because some of the clubs and hearts weren't available due to in other decks, will post what I changed if it seems to work good.

Jun 24, 2019 Redgar

In my experience, Mark of Pestilence was used to excellent effect for control. Send in a Couple of Clowns to take over my deeds, Cause Trouble, or Blank my Dude, and if I fight it locks down my influence somewhere I don't want it (and prevents Pistol Whip / Point Blank during the fight).

Jun 24, 2019 jordan caldwell

As Redgar points out.

A not all too uncommon scenario involves mid- or late-game shootout in the townsquare, the winner of which, with their surviving unbooted dudes with one or more influence, takes control of their fallen opponents deeds, and wins. Mark of Pestilence helps to remove this risk.

That, and threatening a character using "spot removal", booting out their posse, then ducking out after one shootout round (or sacrifice play), to improve your relative board position, is a second use. (Besides, after a job, your dudes go home booted anyway).

A third use is to prevent the opposition from paying boot costs of combat cards.

Which is all to say, that while this card won't help with your poker, it may help with your chess!


That all said, I imagine Phantasm would also work in the "9 heart" because the deck is set up structurally to reliably make the pull, and recommend giving that a go if'n yer feelin' it.

Jun 26, 2019 Findegil

"I will say only the first half of the home ended up being useful (stud, bounty for Maria), and I'm curious how to get the second half going (boot-blanking an attachment)."

Yeah, this is why I feel the JA home is somewhat weaker than it appears at first glance - it does a lot of useful things, but because they're all bundled together in a single activation (with strings attached in the form of booting/range), it's tricky to actually benefit from mmore than half of them at any given time.

I'm guessing the attachment-booting will largely come into play later in the game, when you can afford to forfeit the first part (for instance, if you've maxed out on bounty and/or played studifying effects).

Jun 28, 2019 Harlath

Good commentary and debate here, including on the new home. Thanks guys. Attachment Blanking - harder to get going, frequently relies on your opponent coming through Town Square and you being there waiting for them. Admittedly they'll sometimes just send in a dude without an attachment first, but often that forces them to boot the dude with the attachment in to a subsequent shootout, lowering the opponent's maneuverability that turn.

Fine summary on Mark of Pestilence's use in the movement/chess match element of the game.

Given the cheatin' comments, dropping Magnum Opus Tenebri for copies of It's Not What You Know... could work? Tightens the draw structure a little, which can be desirable/undesirable depending on meta and preferences.

Appreciate you sharing the deck, nice to see high value spells working well outside Fearmongers.