All Aboard the Freak Train!

published Jul 15, 2019 | | |
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Prodigy 732

Abominations, Hucksters, and Mystical goods! Too many themes for one deck? Probably. Fun? For sure!

4 dudes met yesterday for the Madison Hunting Grounds event - now forever known as the Fearsome Four! All 4 of us were running Fearmongers - 2x Fourth Ring, 1x Sanitorium, and mine with Bayou Vermillion Railroad. This deck stumbled into a not-deserved 1st place, mostly because of a win before time compared to a win at time.

This is just trying to take advantage of the outfit, with the star of the show centered around Magnum Opus Tenebri. Evanor, Skinwalker, and even Fleet-Footed were there to help get those bullets up. Unfortunately I was never able to use the Magnum, as either the posses bullets didn't add up, or most of the time I couldn't get both my dude and the weapon unbooted into the shootout, as both movement and opposing cards like Phantom Fingers and Unprepared ran amok.

To summarize most games, I had trouble if I couldn't find any mystical cards, but once I did the discount and the extra GR each turn was very helpful. Jake Smiley, Paggs, and Funtime are all great to equip with a mystical good and send over to opposing deeds, as you get the money and completely deny their income and CPs (something those dudes normally can't do).

All in all it can probably use some serious tweaking as it struggled at times, but overall it was fun to play and the meshing of themes was entertaining.

Jul 18, 2019 jordan caldwell


Love the name though.

Jul 24, 2019 crx3800

Looks fun.

Looks like it should shoot pretty well too. Looks like you'd want some Tlaloc's Furies if you want an easy mystical good. I'd start Ambrose Douglas in place of the Pagliaccio since your deck already runs the mystical goods and Ambrose can give you a boost in several ways if you find yourself with copies of Magnum Opus Tenebrithat you don't need any more.

Jul 25, 2019 Prodigy

Tlaloc's is definitely a good idea. I have to admit I didn't realize Magnum was unique until the first time I played it on the table, so maybe 2x Magnum 2x Tlaloc's, or 1x Magnum 3x Tlalocs is the way to go.

Ambrose is also a really good idea. At it's heart this is mostly an Abomination deck, so Paggs was in there to fuel Ivor Hawley (Exp.1), but Ambrose works fantastic with the home, keeps the same bullet/value ratio (on opposing dude for Magnus) as Paggs, and gives an influence, potential extra home usage, and cycling out unneeded stuff. Good call!