Let's Cook - Tombstone Top 8

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jordan caldwell 368

Tombstone Arizona is dusty town seemingly comprised of a hotmix of merchants, actors, and bikers. The stores all hawk the fanfare of it's namesake: shiny shot-glasses, brimmed hats of various quality, moccasins. And every saloon serves your choice between meat or beer. On most days, we had both.

The Berkeley Boys turned out - 4 of us from our little urban hometown - City Slickers in the Remnants of the Wild West. We went to the Gunshow, tripped to the History Exhibit, and stopped by the former Courthouse-turned-Museum. We ate at Big Nose Kate's, drank at Johnny Ringo's, and visited the graveyard where the Clantons (and friends) were buried. Far and away the most fun I've had at a "convention" to date. (It was not a convention... more like a Round Up of those of us Lucky enough to get to travel).

This little stack of 52 cooked me into the cut. The idea was to double down on the lost opportunities created by Cookin' Up Trouble with a full course of Inner Struggle spiced with a pair of Burn 'Em Out. Hence the deck's name. As this veritably determined my three-value structure (4/3/A), I stirred in a Legendary Holster, and built the rest of the cook around this basic recipe.

Taking full advantage of the newest dudes (Kate, Ike, and Frank), the strategy is to survive the first few turns, making money and playing dudes, until the time to descend upon the opponent's deeds comes, where booting Protection Racket for that covetous control point steers the objective. Five Aces Gambling Hall let's me skirt across the board side-stepping townsquare, with the 3's (Bowie Knife and The Stakes Just Rose) providing a nasty surprise against what looks like defenseless dudes (notice the entire starting posse is draw dudes!).

I went 4-1 in swiss, then was simply outchessed by Mariel Lewis and the gang in "The Duel" (each event had a name - this was the name for Top 8 the following Sunday) by a plucky David Winner (not the first time I've been sniped by him...) who used his Heretic Jokers to win lowball and answer Unprepared to my Holster. Well played, sir.

Cheers to all the playgroups who showed out in force: The Arid Arizona crew, The Eerie East-coasters, The Portland People, the Lone Deputy of Canada, and all else. Glad to share this great game and time with you all. And a final big shoutout to Orange, The Lapps, and Carter of the Pinebox Posse to host this unforgettable experience.

All out for Dodge City 2021!

Oct 31, 2019 Prodigy

Hats off to you, for making it into the next day! Looks like a fun list, and a tough one that makes your opponent constantly have to think.

How often were you able to use, or at least seriously threaten to use, the Holster?

Nov 01, 2019 jordan caldwell


Not personally a fan of "Holster decks" than "Cool decks that also run a single copy of Holster" even as the difference may be non-discriminable. So yeah, while being able to make the low pull becomes a constraint for the structure of the deck, it's not the primary focus.

Legendary Holster came up in one game I think - 1st turn no less - and definitely warped the field into something different, were it not for my clever opponent having more than one answer to it.

Nov 03, 2019 Projectwinterstorm

Nice deck! Sad I haven't had the chance to play you this time around but I made something up which was along similar lines but somewhat different. Not quite got it singing. but no Holster either. I've had a lot of fun with it though! Always like your decks, fun things to think about!

Nov 06, 2019 broudebush

I glade to hear you represented Outlaws during the event, I am glade we got to play at Origins this year even if it was just for fun. Sounds like you had a blast.