Law Dog Bounty 5, 8, 10 (Tombstone Main Event 2nd Place 7-1)

published Nov 09, 2019 | | |
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LPF 95 Click the link for a Video Breakdown of the deck.

This was the list i took to Tombstone for the main event overall it preformed exactly the way it was supposed to even in the final game and was just squeezed out in the end.

Nov 09, 2019 jordan caldwell

Ben waiting to see this.

I really like how this deck can basically dump it's hand each turn despite supporting a 2 upkeep start. Really creative way to "break" the "rules" for starting posses.


Nov 09, 2019 karoob

Great performance. Congratz. Great idea about starting posse. I ran some BH deck myself but always had cash issues as you said in the deck comments. Have couple of questions though:

  1. Do you almost always run Bounty Hunters alone as you did in the final or did it look in your other Tombstone games? I find myself mostly attaching 2-3 guys if possible vs standard shooting decks.

  2. What other matchups you had on Tombstone and how did they go?

  3. Regarding changing value to 2 instead of 10 - I tried that but found myself always wanting to have Unprepared as the game progresses into mid/late game. Do you have thoughts about that? If you would use 2, would you include 1x Mugging or none at all?

Nov 10, 2019 DoomDog

I like it, it's a different take on the Bounty Hunter archetype, it clearly worked and was a blast to play against. I agree with the reasoning that the typical Law Dogs posse plays in to the mid-late game setup decks' strengths, and that fits with my recent experiences with them. If you don't get a good deed in your opening hand then you can take too long to get going.

Playing in the final I really got the feeling that there was more aggro stuff in the deck. When I saw my hand on what would be the final turn I made a decision. If I made the aggressive and risky plays and everything went to plan I could win that turn, if I stayed back and tried to play the patient game I'd done earlier in the event I'd probably end up losing a dude a turn and eventually be overwhelmed. All throughout that turn I was thinking "when's he going to play Steven Wiles and ruin my day?" :)

Too Much Attention in both the finalists' decks... will it see more play going forward?

For the third value, I really like threes for Law Dogs. Your in-faction dudes other than Tommy aren't great, but you can borrow the likes of Lawrence Blackwood, Asakichi Cooke and Buford Hurley. Dog's Duster and Shotgun are both useful tools that support your game plan. There are a good selection of deeds. Yan Li's Tailoring and Hustings can help with placing bounties with the home ability, and Thunder Boy can always benefit from an additional influence. Notary Public also works well with Hustings, and The Orphanage provides another Government deed so you can spread bounties without booting dudes. On clubs you can bring Sun in Yer Eyes and Rope and Ride. The latter combos well with Bounty Hunter and also gives your Pedros an additional use.

Nov 10, 2019 LPF

@karoob 1A. It really depends on the situation but i throw a lot of solo bounty hunters because i use it as a bait tool. Not only to soak up potential shootout cards and anti cheating cards but to get a bit more information in my opponents discard pile. Plus if you combo it with point blank or even unprepared you can slow down their early game even if they kill the bounty hunter. I really depends on the situation and what cards you have in your opening.

2A. Most of the field was what i expected. Most of the field was setup decks with very few early game aggro decks. At least that i saw or faced. It really allowed the deck to shine as I was very much able to control the pace of the game more often than not. I did run into some hurtles with my top 4 match and against Laura where in both cases the decks were designed to control town square and fight in the early game. However in both cases i was able to use bounty hunter and some solid movement windows to jump into the back line and go after influence.

3A. For the most part the change from 10 to 2 would be to get a cheating res that wasnt huckleberry and to get stronger dudes. I think unprepared is obviously one of the best in the game but pistol whip on 5 is also in that category so if you can open up space on 5 you can swap out like that. Mugging is alright and if your meta has a need for it you could give it a go, personally i think i would just grab a 4th bounty hunter instead as it accomplishes similar and is better in a wider set of circumstances.

Nov 11, 2019 Prodigy

Congratulations on kicking a lot of ass not only in the main event but the other events as well!

One of the downsides I constantly encounter with the original Law Dogs outfit is the sometimes huge tempo loss in needing to boot a dude (or sometimes 2). I see in the finals that may have been part of your problem too, which is exacerbated when playing against control.

I also like the Too Much Attention addition. It can help in a control fashion, but in a more aggressive deck like this it can be a quasi-forced call out as you boot them down and then meander over for a call out. Did you do that in any of your games?