Lillian's Baby

published Nov 29, 2019 | | |
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Andrew Davidson 28

This is the deck I played in the Tombstone theme event. The deck title is loosely based on "Rosemary's Baby" and so The Caretaker is Lillian's ominous offspring.

The general idea is to use Lillian Morgan with the Morgan Cattle Co. home ability to play deeds for free. The Caretaker can then be used to protect the most valuable of them while Lillian moves on. To protect Lillian, you use her shootout abilities to play Hired Guns and/or move in other dudes while the hexes give her more tricks.

There are lots of other expensive, high value dudes to play when the money starts rolling in and these combo well with the Agent Provocateur, Max Baine (Exp.1) and the Huntsmen's Society.

The deck is quite brittle as it depends so much on Lillian. But there are so many influence dudes that you might be able to fight on and Avie Cline is included as a backup huckster so the hexes are always useful.

The deck didn't perform so well in the theme event and lost quickly to Dora the Explorer, who barely noticed as they were so keen to tell their story. But it was fun and that's what you want from a theme deck.