Scattered Reports of Mysterious Disappearances (Tim & Rob)

published Dec 08, 2019 | | |
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A Plague of Hucksters 2 1 0
Scattered Reports of Mysterious Disappearances (PO6 '20, R3) 0 1 1

jordan caldwell 368

A deck built around Mayfair Family Deck needs to answer the question "why would I want to make other dudes hucksters?" and this deck's answer is both "chess" and "tech".

Chess: Being able to attach movements spells such as Shadow Walk and Gateway helps with controlling opposing deeds and keeping your starting and back-up studs (Tyxarglenak and Tonton Macoute, others) from getting isolated from the rest of your gang. Also, being able to drop in and "tank" deeds using your home (Bayou Vermilion Railroad) and return to the townsquare (or anywhere, really) can not only choke your opponent's economy but also, in a pinch, hedge any failed gambits to take the board by stomping out errant control points.

Tech: This deck has some key "boot this dude during a shootout to..." effects in Black Owl and Point Blank, and the movement spells (as well as Rosenbaum's Golem) help those effects have the booting cost ready to apply.

That's it really. A splash of spot removal (in Kidnappin' and Election Day Slaughter) to move the game along, some cost reduction (in A Piece of the Action and Soul Cage) for your own dudes, as well as a full compliment of the ubiquitous Fetch to both search for the cards you need and keep downward pressure on hand ranks, to round out.

Built to share with Ashlar Mayfair for an upcoming event!