Morgan Stone Regulators

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Morgan Stone Regulators (Peacekeeper Series, Berkeley/CA) 1 0 1

jaythejester 449

Morgan Regulators have bargained with Jasper Stone to help them roll out the punishment.

This deck is designed to be played where you spend a couple turns building. Your most likely start by using your home ability to make a stud out of Olivia, and then running Maggie's job with Irving to generate some money and maybe get some horses. Pray our opponent is 'bold' enough to contest the job because Stones draw hand bonus draw back doesn't apply at your home, so you're almost guaranteed a 4 stud, a bonus stud, and 3 draw. Once you have a couple LeMat in play and a couple good stud dudes you can take the fight to your opponent. You're partially relying on the home trait to force a fight, than if you ace a chosen dude in a shootout your shooter gets stronger and you increase your control points further forcing your opponent out.

The center piece of this deck is LeMat Revolver. The reason the deck doesn't run 4 is because 3 should be enough, and there are a strong number of ways of tutoring the Lemats with A Piece of the Action and Doomsday Supply. Your outfit can make a starting 2 draw into a stud, who will be a 4 stud in most shootouts. If they have a LeMat attached, you'll have a 5 stud who can turn an easy to find 2 pair into a hand rank 8. If you have a second LeMat on another 2 stud you'll hit the coveted hand rank 11. To further help bullets, and thus hand rank, I've put in Fleet-Footed

LeMat Revolver has a few tricks up it's sleeve. If you have a Pair of Six-Shooters or a Quickdraw Handgun in a shootout your opponent will have a VERY bad time if they cheat. With 6 Shooters you can use LeMat's resolution ability to gain the bonus hand rank, than change your hand to a full house while keeping the bonus. The deck can also possibly make a DMH with the 6 shooters as well. With the Quickdraw you can use LeMat's Resolution for a bonus and then trade your opponent your two pair hand, while you get their really good draw hand plus your LeMat Bonus. Ghostly Gun is also a way of turning a 2 pair into a full house of DMH

Other Cards of Note: Pedro is for cheap casualty soak and to make sure your LeMat wielders don't get booted home. Quarantine Tent has great synergy with your home ability. The Fixer is intended to be played like Steven Wiles, a cheap one turn killer who's a 4 Stud (6 with Stone) if you use your home ability on him. The Grey Man is also a good target for home ability, and can send an opponents Clemintine/Randall/Jake/Irving type dude off a deed, even chasing the low value deed sitters off your out of town deeds.

Dec 29, 2019 Findegil

Possibly swap a Steven for "Dead" Billy Jones as a high draw with casualty soak and an occasionally useful ability?

Dec 29, 2019 jordan caldwell

Poker Shenanigans!

Dec 30, 2019 Prodigy

I fully endorse these sorts of shenanigans :) Fun stuff!

Dec 31, 2019 jordan caldwell

Before reading the description, I was like "wait jaythejester built a non-tricksy deck!?"...