Law Dogs 2x Base Set + up to HCWM

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Harlath 751

An introductory Law Dogs deck with 2x Base Set and 1x each expansion up to and including Hell's Comin' With Me. The six decks in this series (one per faction can all be built at the same time, excluding the jokers (you'll have 4x jokers from two Base Sets, so you can switch them in to whichever two decks you're playing with).

Your main shooting values are 3, 6 and 8.

Your plan is to use your home to make opposing dudes wanted and then call them out with your copies of Bounty Hunter.

  • You have a positive net income each turn even if you lose lowball, so you can build safely unless your opponent has enough control points to win. This gives you time to wait for the right cards in your hand and to play more dudes/deeds. Remember you can spread your deeds either side of your home to help spread his dudes out. The The Sloane Gang home only generates control points after victory is checked: this can buy you an extra turn.
May 25, 2020 ironcache

Worth considering Bowie Knife for Magnum Rounds?

May 25, 2020 Harlath

It is and a very easy swap! This deck doesn't really benefit from melee weapons (unlike the Outlaws deck) and has only 9 goods, so I thought the draw structure would benefit from Magnum Rounds cycling back in to the deck after use. The Law Dogs already have Faster on the Draw to make surprise studs. As a free Goods card it is new player friendly by boosting you card throughput, while Bowie Knife might sit in your hand and clog it up to aid a subsequent surprise play in a shootout. :)

May 25, 2020 Antonlion

Maybe it's a bit much for a "starting" deck, but it might benefit from Andrew Lane to catch your opponent off guard with either Shotguns or Magnum Rounds while you already have a shotgun in play.

May 25, 2020 Harlath

Ha, Andrew Lane and surprise Shotguns are probably not what introductory decks are about, correct. :) But again, well worth considering for experienced players. It also knocks you down to 2 starting ghost rock, so if you lose lowball you're at 3 Ghost Rock on T1 after upkeep rather than 4 so you can't afford all of your deeds. The deeds can of course be tweaked, but the ones on 6 are generally pricey. For new players I think having the Ghost Rock to play a number of cards and not clog your hand hopefully offers a fun introduction. People like playing cards in card games!