Anarchists 2x Base Set + up to HCWM

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108 Righteous Bandits 2x Base Set + up to Dirty Deeds 5 8 0
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Harlath 751

An introductory Anarchists deck with 2x Base Set and 1x each expansion up to and including Hell's Comin' With ME. The six decks in this series (one per faction can all be built at the same time, excluding the jokers (you'll have 4x jokers from two Base Sets, so you can switch them in to whichever two decks you're playing with).

Your main shooting values are A, 2 and 4.

  • You have a positive net income each turn even if you lose lowball, so you can build safely unless your opponent has enough control points to win. This gives you time to wait for the right cards in your hand and to play more dudes/deeds. Remember you can spread your deeds either side of your home to help spread his dudes out. The The Sloane Gang home only generates control points after victory is checked: this can buy you an extra turn.
  • Note that Xiaodan Li gives you the option to include six starting dudes, but this has not been taken to give you more GR to play deeds and get your economy rolling. Feel free to experiment with including Jake Smiley in your starting posse for higher starting influence or Daomei Wang if you want to risk some early aggression. Or even Companhurst's if you'd like to risk starting with lower ghost rock but a stronger long term economy. If you do, you might want to rework your starting posse to include Clementine Lepp, as she can sit in Companhurt's without risking a callout. However, she's still vulnerable to opposing jobs!
May 25, 2020 ironcache

Including another 1 cost chump seems worthwhile; you can still play all but two deeds in the deck if you start Willa Mae MacGowan or Henry Moran. If you really want the money, Shizeng Lu + Jake Smiley could be considered in place of Yunxu, for next same cost, +1 dude, and more Sundown Influence (+Shizeng's pseudo control ability).

May 25, 2020 Harlath

An excellent suggestion! :) Part of the fun of introductory decks is hopefully hitting the point where they're competent and balanced against one another but leave a bit of space for optimisation.