Killers and Cheats

published Oct 15, 2020 | | |
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spyke7977 42

Camp your big studs in TS and wait for the shooting, then start cheatin' all the way to the win.

A big player in this deck is Cookin' Up Trouble. With the prevalence of cheatin' res in the current online meta, Cookin' is a god send. Being able to check out your opponents hand provides so much information in a given day. Especially since this deck loves to cheat.

Be it, Den of Thieves, Barton Everest or the Devil's Joker (Red) you will cheat more often then not. And hopefully the pain won't be, too bad.

Usual start is grifting with The Fixer and fishing for a cheap deed, cheap dude, a necessary weapon, or a Cookin' if you want to start aggressive. On occasion you might want to grab a job to unboot him and pay his upkeep. But more often than not, you'll drop him and start the day with a nice chunk of change.

Your starting rock is made better with the use of the den during opening lowball. Usually you'll want to do it if raising your rank will still guarantee you the win. The initial bounty is crucial to help mitigate your low starting influence once the Fixer gets the boot. Using Makaio Kaleo, Esq. to make ole Fred Aims wanted and influential.

Once you're set up. You'll want to camp Town Square and shoot anyone foolish enough you challenge you.