Behold Bullshi(eld)

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ironcache 189

One way of looking at this deck, would be collab deck-building with Carter in the Discord deck shop channel.

Another would be that I presented an idea in that channel for Carter to mull on, and then stole his ideas?

The idea is to use Tao of the Demon Bull (specifically, Two Hundred Fifty Rounds) to reduce casualties by 1, so that Force Field results in a 1-0.

The deck is going to have 8s as a value (FF + ASM is too good as a base to not go in on). This means the KF dude needs to have at least 9 value (after KF value mod factored in), and at least 1 KF value (to combo into 250R if holding Great Sage Matching Heaven).

Carter provided 2 ideas that I had the blinders on to:

The rest of the deck followed. I was initially thinking 6/7/8, but bringing in 5s gave a lot: Cheating Resolution, more Yagn's/FF draws, Hammy, Jen. Great Sage + Yagn's off value, we have a deck.

One thing I struggled with making this, was "why not just do Super Mario and skip the KF jank?". I came up with 2 answers:

  • Full Moon Brotherhood doesn't outright invalidate me.
  • This isn't inherently a "one dude" deck; you can bring along a posse and still get 1-0 trades, whereas crane must fly solo.

Arthur is here as a 3 cost influential MS more than anything; do not need to grift, pending hand. Enjoy.

Oct 14, 2021 RichCarter

well done. a few test draws makes me think you might be well served to trim down from the 16/15 approach. Force Field Model 250 is great and all, but very vulnerable in the cheating department. Plus opening up another value can get you a few more deeds. The budget looks tight.

Oct 18, 2021 Antonlion

Love it!

Oct 18, 2021 ironcache

@RichCarter I think the general sentiment of forgoing some structure for some economy is probably a good call (given FF intentions, as mentioned).

@Antonlion Glad you like it!