Sloane Gang Forever! (Hartlepool Abom Series 4th Place)

published Jan 08, 2019 | | |
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caelreth 91

(The name came from a tweet that Eurogamer's Johnny Chiodini sent me - apparently he was/is a Doomtowner! Also a Sloane fan)

So, with the difficulty of getting To Tough To Die in the UK at the moment, it was decided that TTTD wouldn't be allowed in this tournament. So, I thought, without the harsh anti-cheatin' cards from that set, a Cheatin' Through The Pain deck would work out really well.

Game 1: Law Dogs

My deck worked pretty much perfectly in this game: I quickly got out a bunch of cheap dudes, some early income, and some Kidnappin'. Also, my opponent's deck stalled on him, with me being hardly punished at all for all my rampant cheatin', beyond Philip Swinford. Also, it somehow failed a Legendary Holster pull. Had some big shootouts, and didn't pull below a 4 of a kind. Win.

Game 2: 108 Drunken Masters

This game went completely the other way to my last one, with me not really drawing anything useful, and my opponent quickly getting out Shotgun, and Legendary Holster before I was ready to face them. In addition, a combo of Sun in Yer Eyes and Rabbit's Deception meant that, when I eventually did get in a shootout, I had no studs. I wasn't even able to make a cheatin' hand! Loss.

Game 3: Morgan Stables

Doomdog's "Hell on Wheels" deck. I didn't manage to get any of my job cards until really late in this game, and I couldn't force a big shootout at all. In the end, I over-committed to a Kidnappin' (as I thought there was no way he'd let a kidnappin' on Allie Hensman with control points on her go unopposed), and he booted my safety dude, threw down a deed, and took my deed. Loss.

So, the deck still needs work. I think Ike Clanton would definitely help with the influence troubles, and Frank Stillwell is massively useful as well. Being better at not going into a job with too many dudes would also help!

(Also to note: three games, three Legendary Holster decks. What are the odds?)